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We often find new options appearing in the Accounting Preferences that are not always documented in the release notes.   In the 2015.1 release we found a new preference for updating the transaction dates, could this finally be an attempt from Netsuite to fix the gross profit reporting when an order is paid for in one period and fulfilled in another, which is a really common issue we get asked about in the Wholesale and Distribution space. 

Classes and Departments are two very powerful inbuilt ways to report on business activity with-in NetSuite. Over the years I have seen some very poor implementations of these, so thought it would be beneficial to go over soem of the set-up steps, and how it all hangs together.  In the example below I'll go through the set-up stages using classes as an example.

I often get asked, how to restrict the items in NetSuite that a user can see when they are entering a quote for an invoice. With NetSuite, there are two easy ways to do this, both with different results. The are using Classification restrictions, and using a saved search. In this post, we'll go over how to do it using a saved search. The business case I recently had was: All support reps to quote Customers only on certain service items.

The online webstore is normally split into two areas for development, the Browsing Experience, where you make it as easy for people as possible to find the products and make an informed decision on whether they re appropriate or not, and the Checkout Experience, which makes it as easy for the people to purchase the goods as possible. It's important that the two of these areas are tied together as easily as possible.