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Consistent Shopping Experience

Consistent Shopping Experience

Consistent Shopping Experience

The online webstore is normally split into two areas for development, the Browsing Experience, where you make it as easy for people as possible to find the products and make an informed decision on whether they re appropriate or not, and the Checkout Experience, which makes it as easy for the people to purchase the goods as possible. It’s important that the two of these areas are tied together as easily as possible.

When developing the checkout, it’s important to use the same main image from the product page to help with product recognition and avoid cart abandonment. Usually there will be multiple images, on the product page, but it’s important to use the same main image in the item lists, item hero image, and the shopping cart. Additionally, on the order confirmation page, it is extremely helpful to the user to include the image again, to allow them to review the order one final time.

With product that have multiple options (i.e. clothes with different colours) it’s important to show the colour to help avoid any confusion with the product selection. Some sites have a colour swatch displayed, whilst others have the actual different colours. One of the sites that does this really well is

The main item list displays the main image (and the images nicely change colours available on rollover):

Fat Face Item List

and then the same image is carried through to the product detail layout

Fat Face product detail layout


and then onto the cart

Fat Face Checkout Image


Then finally on the Order Summary page

Fat Face Order Summary Page


Having this sort of set-up on your website allows the customers to clearly see all the way through the shopping experience what they are purchased.