Customer Success With Stoddart Group

Customer Success With Stoddart Group

stoddart logo GROUPWelcome back to Cloud Coders’  blog series! In this blog we are showcasing another NetSuite and WMS Success story as we share information about the challenges and wins our current customers have faced in both warehouse management systems and NetSuite. This week we discuss the customer success with Stoddart Group and how our solution has helped them solve real-world problems within their business. Here at Cloud Coders we focus on providing a solution for the types of real-world problems and improving processes within businesses as well as the growth of our business to streamline and grow their output.

The Stoddart Group

Stoddart Group is Australia’s leading supplier and installer of products in the residential building industry. When the Stoddart Group came to Cloud Coders, they had some specific requirements around managing outbound deliveries. Throughout Australia there are very specific OH&S requirement for the commercial and residential building industries, which Cloud Coders had to work with. There were specific requirements around creating manifests and being able to manage shipping and shipping multiple packages, that are irrespective of the orders to specific carriers. Shipping and delivery requirements included the ability to take signatures on delivery or sign on glass. Stoddart also had a large number of both lot and serialised items and products that required management within the warehouse itself.

Working in a in a teamwork environment, alongside their management consultants Cloud Coders refined:

  1. The Management of outbound deliveries, signatures, while adhering to OH&S processes.
  2. Requirements for creating manifests and shipping multiple packages, irrespective of the orders to specific carriers.
  3. Management of a large number of both lot and serialised items and products within the warehouse. 

Cloud Coders Solution

Cloud Coders were able to provide a solution for the Stoddart Group not only to handle these complex and specific requirements but to also:

  1. Continue improving the processes that exist within the Stoddart Group
  2. Reducing unnecessary team movement throughout the warehouse.
  3. Optimise routes and improve overall efficiencies.

Cloud Coders were able to work closely with the Stoddart Group management consultants to provide a technology roadmap, which allowed for a phased approach to implementation, as well as key features that needed to be pushed out throughout the project. This included some specific processes such as being able to create the ability for them to take signatures on delivery or sign on glass, which was a process we built out specifically with Stoddart’s in a teamwork environment, as well as working with their management consultants.

We also provided them with our documentation and printing bundle. This allows them to print manifests, invoices and labels directly from their mobile device without the need to go into NetSuite and download and print out specific items. This once again improved the efficiencies within the warehouse, as they have specific staging locations to put together some of their products being sent out out to their customers. Coupled with our ability to work closely with the Stoddart Group management consultants and the delivery of a phased approach, we continue to work closely with the Stoddart Group team as their business continues to grow.

For Cloud Coders, it’s been a great success working with the team at the Stoddart Group as they’ve helped continue to develop and work with multiple parties across a project, and then seeing the value add that our solution has within their business. We have been able to improve the efficiency of major processes and improve overall inventory management of the business, as well as help reduce issues around inventory location and inventory counts. We look forward to continuing to work with the Stoddart Group through new phases of the project and help them with any of the current inefficiencies that exist within their warehouse processes.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud WMS and how it could help your business, like it has helped the Stoddart Group, please get in touch.

Next week we’ll be speaking about another customer that we’ve worked closely with. Once again, from a different vertical to that of the Stoddart Group, but being able to show you how we’ve continued to improve their processes throughout the warehouse. Until then, take care, and please get in touch if you have any questions.