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Managing Magento Payments in Netsuite via Magento

Managing Magento Payments in Netsuite via Magento

Managing Magento Payments in Netsuite via Magento

One of the things that we have been very excited about, is the addition of eWay as a payment gateway in Netsuite. What got us excited, is that they have also just released an updated plugin for Magento that works perfectly in conjunction with our Magento/Netsuite Integration. You can find more information about the new eWAY Rapid 3.1 plugin here

And why is that exciting?

Well first of all it supports pre-authorisation and transaction completion that map directly with Netsuite’s  Sales Order/Cash Sale process. This allows you to receive orders from Magento without charging the credit card until the goods are dispatched, and the fulfilment is all managed from Netsuite. This has been an issue for existing integrations because the payment gateway normally takes the payment straight away, and this can create extra work if the goods are on back order.

Secondly, refunds/credits can now be initiated in Netsuite, and automatically processed through eWay via Magento. What this means is that the finance team no longer have to log into anything else but Netsuite to handle all the orders that come in. This allows Netsuite to do what it does best, manage your business, and Magento do what it does best, run an awesome website. eWay’s Rapid API has allowed us to make this all seamless to the website finance team.

So we’re all pretty happy about this. It’s now easy to use Magento a website tool that brings in orders and payments, and use Netsuite as an ERP system that runs your business.

For more information get in contact with us.