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Managing Product Variations With NetSuite Matrix

managing product variations in netsuite_with_magento_integration

Managing Product Variations With NetSuite Matrix

How Do You Configure The Complexity of Managing Product Variations?


oz contacts managing product variationsAs any business that sells product knows, selling the product is one of the easier parts of the product management process. Factor in a wide range of product variations and NetSuite integration requires a bit more thinking outside the box for managing product variations. This was the case when we were approached by Oz Contacts an online eCommerce business who sell a wide range of contact lenses based on the customers’ actual optometrist prescription. With contact lenses being sourced from within Australia, Oz Contacts are able to supply a wider range from their website. While products with option choices can be easily managed with Netsuite’s Matrix Item type, what happens when the combinations go into the thousands as with Contact Lenses?

The NetSuite Problem

oz contacts managing product variationsNetsuite’s Matrix Item type enables us to easily manage products with options choices, however, OZ Contacts have such a wide range of contact lenses, with SKU combinations that go into the thousands. A Magento eCommerce platform forms the basis for their eCommerce site and shopping cart which meant here at Cloud Coders we had to approach the solution from a different perspective and develop managing stock units of measure versus web sales options and quantities.

Our Integration Solution

As the Magento eCommerce website is being used by Oz Contacts as the shopping cart, only the linking of a SKI to SKU based mapping between Netsuite and Magento was required. Doing this allowed the matrix options in Netsuite to be split within a product to less than 1000 products by picking a major group, i.e Colour. The advantage of this matrix option means that the items can be edited within Netsuite for price updates or description changes.

If a Netsuite web store had been used, then CSV imports would have had to been used, as the there would have been too many combinations within the main sku used to display on the website.

The End Result

managing product variations in netsuite_with_magento_integrationThe capability of managing product variations with such a large product range now becomes infinitely more manageable by our client. Each product update or description change needs to be entered once and maps through to the Magento shopping cart and front end of the website. By looking at the requirements of what was needed, we were able to give our customer the flexibility and function to efficiently manage their product variations within NetSuite with custom development.

As our main goal is to Empowered our Clients to work smarter, using NetSuite’s custom development and functionality simplifies what could have become a major time consuming process. If you have a specific requirement for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.