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Mobile Development Challenges For Business

Mobile Development Challenges For Business

Is Your Business Ahead of the Mobile Development Challenges?

A lot of companies are finding their business model under pressure because of the increased importance of mobility, the mobile development challenges and the need to further optimise their operations with enterprise mobile apps. Increasingly our lives and our businesses are controlled by the Internet of Things” or IoT in a constantly online working environment. As we discussed in our previous post, you need to ensure your business processes, operating systems and policies can meet these infrastructure requirements for mobile. 

The ultimate goal for your business is to safeguard your position in the market and tap into the opportunity of mobile rather than being put under pressure by it. Mobile devices are becoming the operating devices of choice by employees and business is increasingly forced to expose information and business processes on these mobile devices. This is a logical side effect of the consumerisation of IT and the biggest development challenge due to the wide variance of powerful mobile devices most company employees have access to.

In fact, statistically, 47% of businesses now find themselves in this phase of “Opportunistic Mobility”. The biggest mobile development challenges are how to improve the company’s effectiveness quickly enough and in a cost-effective manner, whilst exposing the range of backend systems on the wide range of devices used. All the time as a business entity also dealing with growth and added complexity.

Things that need to be considered are infrastructure requirements, development skills and tools, integration capabilities with back-end software, the scalability of the solution, its future readiness and last but not least its sustainability moving forward at an economically viable cost. When it comes to development, several things need to be considered:Infrastructure Requirements as Business Becomes More Mobile

  1. Speed
  2. Support
  3. Scalability
  4. Available Technology

Mobile App Development Speed

The most important aspect when it comes to developing business processes for mobile is speed. In fact, in our fast-paced business environment, speed is of the essence. New technology and updated devices are being released constantly so providing a quick time to market has become essential as more likely than not, multiple backend systems will be involved.

Support Within Mobile App Development

As there is often multiple back-end systems, platforms and processes, the vendors or service providers on these systems need to be considered. Mobile App Developers must remain responsive to demand from the business and must be able to support that approach. Furthermore, the support strategy must not only consider the initial development phase but the full app llifecycle moving through iterations in which additional functionality, bug-fixes and unlocking new features from the backend are supported.

Mobile App Development Scalability

To address this, a company should be able to leverage on their own or their partner’s existing development skills and knowledge of application workbenches. This will for sure impact positively speed and scalability of the effort. Last but not least, the development ideally makes an abstraction of the technology of the mobile clients.

Available Technology + Mobile App Development

A company’s focus should remain on the processes and how to innovate or improve them. It shouldn’t have to worry about the complexities of different operating systems, screen sizes and device capabilities.

Cloud Coders & Honeywell Technology

honeywell Honeywell Forge for netsuiteOur focus is using the Honeywell Technology powering Netsuite to enable businesses to further optimise their operations with enterprise mobile apps using the Honeywell Movilizer platform. Whatever choice you as a company make, it is recommended to consider the impact on the infrastructure requirements and architecture of your preferred way forward with mobile and the IoT.

This partnership allows us to focus on your business and the business needs, safeguarding if not improving your competitive positioning in the marketplace with tried and tested mobile integration. Our solution allows your IoT to grow with your business, is easy to use is simple to set-up, and doesn’t greatly impact on the infrastructure requirements of the business for mobile. Because we understand the need for business continuity we offer a solution that supports this.

Discover more information about these solutions here: If you think this new application is as exciting as we do or you can see a need for it in your business, we would love to chat to you. In fact, if you have a mobile integration requirement for NetSuite or any specific integration requirements for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.


Excerpts taken from The Movilizer White Paper – The Mobile Tsunami