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Setting up Role Permissions

Setting up Role Permissions

I was at the SuiteWorld Ask and Expert questions session and someone wanted to now how to find out about what permissions grant what function in Netsuite. I knew I had a spreadsheet with all the functions on it, but had a little trouble tracking it down.

Then I found it again. The Netsuite Help Centre is really awesome.

If you type ‘Permission Documentation‘ in the Help search box, you get to this page

Netsuite Permissions Documentation


Here is the link to the wonderful spreadsheet that lists all the Netsuite pages and what permission you need to set.

For example, today a client wanted to be able to let Sales Reps have deposits automatically applied recorded deposits to invoices when they saved the invoice. So a quick search for Deposit Application, and there it is with the correct level of permission required:

Permission Search Example



Hopefully this will make your managing user roles easier, and also make it simpler to take people off roles that give them too much permission.