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Showing available items on a Transaction form with a NetSuite Saved Search

Showing available items on a Transaction form with a NetSuite Saved Search

I often get asked, how to restrict the items in NetSuite that a user can see when they are entering a quote for an invoice.

With NetSuite, there are two easy ways to do this, both with different results. The are using Classification restrictions, and using a saved search. In this post, we’ll go over how to do it using a saved search.

The business case I recently had was: All support reps to quote Customers only on certain service items. For this example we will ingore the added complexity of NetSuite OneWorld, as you need to consider the customers and items in a little more detail to ensure it works correctly.

So what we would do is as follows:

  •  Create a saved search with the criteria- Type anyof Service, and Name contains ‘Warranty’

Saved search filter filters


This gives us the results that we need.

  •  Customise a quote form, and select the ‘Screen Fields’, ‘Columns’ subtab. On this tab, there is a drop down list called Item Filters. In this list select the saved search we just created.

Transaction form with filtered list of products



Now to complete the process, we need to say who this form will be the preferred form for. Click on the ‘Roles’ tab, and select the ‘Support Representative’ role, and ticked the preferred box. What this means is that when the Support Representative creates a new case, they will automatically get this form.

Assign the form to a role

If we only want them to be able to see this form, go to the Screen Fields tab, Fields subtab, and de-select the Custom Form field. Leaving this field on allows then to change the form and quote for other items if you want them to do that.

remove Custom form field

Now save the form, and create a new quote. As you can see, this form only selects the warranty products, so result achieved!

Finished Modified Quote form