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Using Netsuites Payment Integration

Responsive Websites Netsuite Integration

Using Netsuites Payment Integration

Responsive Websites with Netsuites Payment Integration and Automatic Membership Renewals are Essential for Member Based Associations


Responsive Websites on designing websitesIn keeping with our focus on empowering our clients to take control and manage their businesses easily and effectively, we recently completed an integration for The Master Electricians Association. As a dynamic and modern trade association, the Master Electricians Association is recognised by industry, government and the community as the electrical industry’s leading business partner and needed a responsive integration that reflected this.

As their primary role connects electrical contractors with local services, provide industry development and represent Electricians across Australia, membership support is essential for the Association. Our project here at Cloud Coders was to develop a customised solution that enabled The Master Electricians Association to securely meet THEIR clients’ membership renewal requirements using Netsuites Payment Integration automatically, directly from the Association website.

The NetSuite Problem

With the move towards Electricians and tradesmen using mobile, iPad and tablets within their workspace, The Master Electricians Association saw the need to change their online space. In fact, most of the MEA members signing up on iPads & mobile, The Master Electricians Association required a responsive website to allow new members to sign up and allow for the future automatic renewal of memberships.

Master Electricians Association Netsuite integrationOur Integration Solution

We built a custom Secure NetSuite hosted payment page that utilises Netsuite’s PCI compliant payment solutions, allowing the member to optionally securely store payment information for automatic renewals. We then took advantage of NetSuites workflow module to automate the communication to their members and work in with their pre-existing on boarding process.

The End Result

Our client can now focus on doing what they do best without wasting unnecessary man hours downloading and reconciling memberships or being concerned about the security of their membership payment processes online. Netsuites Payment Integration also allows NetSuite to do what it does best, manage their business.

If you have a specific requirement for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.