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Website Integration With NetSuite For Product Information

CKC Equipment Website Integration With NetSuite

Website Integration With NetSuite For Product Information

Establishing a Value on Website Integration with NetSuite for Product or Manufacturing Based Websites.


Websites today have developed so dramatically, and one question we were asked recently was, “How to get value from your website when the order volume is unknown but the information on it needs to be relevant and timely? As NetSuite SuiteScript developers we looked at the question of what is the value of a website integration with NetSuite for information on products.

So how do we empower our clients to take control and effectively manage their businesses? We recently completed a Website Integration With NetSuite For CKC Civil Construction Equipment. One of the core issues was how to get value from their website when their order volumes were unknown yet the information on the site needed to be relevant and timely.

CKC Equipment Website Integration With NetSuiteCKC Civil Construction Equipment is a company that specialise in designing equipment that improves site safety, productivity and reduces on the job costs and risks. There is no real stock standard product ranges as CKC Equipment is developed based on requirements. Quite often a product is designed by CKC as a solution to a specific need that has been identified. Once the design is developed a CNC equipped manufacturer produces the equipment and then market and display the equipment to industry.

CKC Equipment Website Integration With NetSuiteAs two of the main CKC products designed and manufactured are the Prokerb and Kerb Sweeper Cloud Coders had to ensure value from the NetSuite integration from their website with an unknown order volume. The product information still had to be relevant and timely which meant choosing the right platform for this specialist website.

The NetSuite Problem

Ensuring value, was key for CKC as their specialised product range was not one usually purchased online. For us here at Cloud Coders, our integration of their specialist website with NetSuite meant there had to be a return on investment. In turn, we also had to ensure it was not only easy to manage and maintain, but also provided the correct information to their customers on CKC’s highly specialised products.

Our Integration Solution

The first step in establishing value was to move their original website from a high maintenance platform to a WooCommerce and WordPress solution, ensuring that they had access to a lot of resources to manage their site. From that migration, we linked the newer more user-friendly platform to Netsuite so that new products could be managed centrally. This integration with NetSuite meant that detailed product information would be displayed on the website, and also ensured that CKC staff had one source of information (i.e. NetSuite) to answer customer questions about their specialised products.

The End Result

Moving to a simpler e-commerce platform, meant better ease of use as well as making it cheaper and easier to maintain product information for their customers. The website integration with NetSuite also means that data entry time is reduced when adding new products, as there is only one core product database. CKC are now empowered to control and effectively manage their business online through their website.

If you have a specific requirement for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.