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Cloud Coders Partnerships

Cloud Coders Partnerships

Cloud Coders Partnerships


Cloud Coders Key Partnerships Honeywell ForgeWe believe here at Cloud Coders that partnerships are important in all facets of life especially business. Cloud Coders with our partners, allow our customers to have a complete end to end solution that looks at everything from pricing and inventory all the way through to the ability to calculate shipping costs and then signing for those shipped items or delivered items. This enables Cloud Coders, with its partners, to give customers an understanding of what is going on within their entire business and add key components to specific parts.

Two Specific Parts in Partnerships

There are two specific parts that are obviously the most important in this specific landscape.

The first part is NetSuite which is used by Cloud Coders as the single point of truth. This allows all the customers information to be used in terms of inventory processing, pricing and specific items through the Cloud WMS application.

The second part is Cloud WMS application which is a Cloud Coders’  product. These two, partnered together,  deliver speed, accuracy, and the ability to work mobile within the warehouse all while using NetSuite’s functions, processes and data. From there, what we’ve done as a business has continued to build out the partnerships that exist to build out this complete end to end solution and the entire offering the Cloud Coders delivers.

NetSuite’s  different implementation partners: Fusion Five, Liberate IT, Honeywell, Soti

To integrate and work with NetSuite, we use many different NetSuite implementation partners including Fusion Five, Liberate IT and others throughout Asia Pacific. We then continue to build out these other partners that we work with, firstly, looking at how we can use industry-leading hardware to ensure that our clients get the best devices to use our solution on and really gain the most from that solution. That’s when we started to work with Honeywell which not only allowed us to have a number of different devices in the office to test and ensure everything is working, but also learn how the hardware impacts our solution. This enabled Cloud Coders to continue to develop that solution as well as the ability to learn how this hardware interacts and is used by different companies around the world.

SOTI mobile solutions SuiteConnect 2020This has allowed us to recommend the specific hardware that makes the most sense in our client’s businesses and build out features such as image capturing on the device which allows our customers to take pictures of incoming or outgoing goods, to know in what state they were before they left, or what happened to them prior to arrival. From there, we continued to build out our array of partners. The next thing we looked at was a mobile device management platform which allowed us to understand where the devices were, to remotely access them to help with training, troubleshooting or helping our customers out if they’re having problems on how to work the device and need some training on specific processes.

This is how we partnered with SOTI. An invaluable piece of software that we include with all of our customers if required. SOTI allows us to continue helping customers improve the ability to use, with the ability of the functions of Cloud WMS. We can also access our customers across the globe and give the support and training required.

Ready Set Code or TIG Freight Management Partner

Cloud Coders TIGWe also continue to work with other partners in regard to freight management such as Ready Set Code or TIG Freight. These partnerships, allow us to improve shipping and accuracy while helping customers understand their processes within the business.

Supply chain management through effectively managing logistics and freight is a key element when working with a Cloud warehouse management solution.

Cloud Coders’ Own Solution

Cloud Coders also use our own Warehouse Management solution to build out more features that exist within the warehouse space but not necessarily directly on NetSuite processes. These are things such as the ability to capture signatures on glass, the ability to process orders, place sales orders directly from the device as well as key functions around printing that allows us to print directly from the device itself. For us, this means we’re able to continue to build out a solution that starts with NetSuite as that single point of truth and then run all the way through to understanding which shipping carrier to use and get the signature on delivery all again through our solution.

The Importance of Partnerships

For Cloud Coders, these partnerships are always important and we continue to build on them. We continue helping our partners whether it be with customers that have requirements that are ‘out of the box’. We are able to build out functions that deliver these requirements, in turn, helping our partners solve problems for their customers or being able to provide our partners, software or services to our clients making sure we know they have the best in class.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud WMS or any of our partners, please get in touch and until then, please take care.