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Introducing Honeywell Forge To Manage Warehouse Processes

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Introducing Honeywell Forge To Manage Warehouse Processes

Can Business Improve Warehouse Operations with Honeywell Forge?

As NetSuite SuiteScript developers we are always looking for ways to empower our clients to take control, work smarter and effectively manage their businesses. Often there is a major disconnect in managing the sales processes and warehouse operations as more businesses move into online sales. It was due to this recognised need that we began developing with Honeywell Forge, to integrate within the NetSuite platform and created a Warehouse Management System for businesses to manage their warehouse systems more efficiently.

With completion of this project, we were recently approached by Online eCommerce store Hot Toner to improve their warehouse operations and help them manage their sales processes. Hot Toner is a leading online supplier of Premium Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Other Consumables for Printers, Photocopiers and Facsimile Machines. With an extensive, highly consumable product range, Hot Toner’s online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Time-saving order management and accuracy of picking are essential to their business workflow as an online business selling consumables.


The NetSuite Problem with Warehouse Operations

Honeywell Movilizer Integration Hot TonerServicing a large volume of orders coming in every day, they had developed a process that saved time with NetSuite managing the workflow. What Hot Toner wanted, was to improve the accuracy of their picking without affecting their time-saving processes through their existing NetSuite JCurve process.

Using the Honeywell Forge mobile platform within NetSuite to improve Hot Toner’s warehouse operations enabled NetSuite to continue to manage the order workflow while improving picking accuracy. This also gives their warehouse staff complete control over when the data was delivered. Due to the size of their warehouse, the Honeywell Forge Warehouse Management System allows their staff to keep on processing orders on their mobile device regardless of an internet connection. A feature that had a positive impact on their order processing times.


Our Honeywell Forge Integration Solution

honeywell Honeywell Forge for netsuiteThe Honeywell Forge Warehouse Management System is a mobile platform that is used within NetSuite. With Cloud to Cloud based syncronisation, Hot Toner’s data is delivered and updated in real time from NetSuite to the Handheld devices used in the warehouse. With NetSuite managing the opredations, we were able to customise the workflow so that it displayed the information when required, to check order accuracy.

This integration also provided Hot Toner with a workflow that allowed the system to collect new product barcodes from suppliers when the goods were received, also keeping their SKU’s up to date. Built entirely with-in the NetSuite platform, all NetSuite’s item variations and configuration options are supported. Also from a cost perspective, Hot Toner are are not locked in to specific hardware, as the Honeywell Forge user interface can be deployed on virtually any hardware, enabling them to use existing hardware.


The End Result

honeywell Honeywell Forge for netsuite officeImplementing Mobile solutions was simple and flexible, and a natural extension to Netsuite. By using a customised solution, and industry standard hardware, we reduced warehouse picking errors to 0.4%. Accuracy was achieved without sacrificing efficiency or impacting on the
time to pick and process orders.

Manage your warehouse systems more efficiently with the Honeywell Forge Warehouse Management System ensuring that you have complete control over when your data gets delivered. If your internet goes down or you have a large warehouse, this Warehouse Management System lets you keep on processing orders as completing asks on the mobile device does not require an internet connection. Regardless of whether your warehouse systems are Transaction based, Item Detail based or Direct Scan Mode, that ensures each user has the correct display of information for their needs.

If you have a mobile integration requirement for NetSuite or any specific requirements for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.