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Key Steps for a Successful WMS Implementation In NetSuite

Netsuite Cloud Warehouse Management System

Key Steps for a Successful WMS Implementation In NetSuite

Cloud Coders PartnershipsWith over 17 years implementing, developing and training companies to successfully use NetSuite, we’ve we’ve gained valuable insights into what contributes to a successful cloud-based system rollout. These lessons learned have been instrumental in refining our approach to implementing our NetSuite-native WMS solution.

Understanding the Shift from ERP to NetSuite WMS Implementation

While many of our previous NetSuite rollouts focused on data management and configuration, our WMS for NetSuite implementation takes a different approach. The initial step involves a thorough walkthrough of the warehouse with the operations team, guided by an experienced professional who understands their workflow, goals, and potential productivity enhancements. Having someone who speaks the same language ensures that you get the buy-in to the project, and also this ensures that what is actually happening on the shop floor is understood too.

The Importance of Shared Expertise

We learned the value of this approach during ERP implementations when interacting with the Finance department. Often, the CFO or Finance manager wanted to communicate with a qualified accountant. They sought someone who could comprehend their requirements from a finance perspective, someone immersed in the world of accounting. While our team had extensive experience in finance systems and their functionalities, there was occasionally a communication gap. This gap forced the CFO to interpret our responses within their financial context, leading to frustration as they had to learn and navigate the system to achieve their desired results. This frustration is why we focus on comprehensive guidance as each company silo learns and navigates the system to achieve their desired results.

Our Team of NetSuite WMS Implementation Specialists

Our team of Warehouse Implementation consultants are industry specialists with up to 30 years of experience each in talking warehousing and supply chain management. They are supported by our team of NetSuite experts that have been working on the platform since 2005. This combined expertise ensures that our clients receive comprehensive guidance throughout the implementation process, from initial planning to ongoing support. We understand the intricacies of warehousing operations, speak the language of the industry, and have a keen insight into how WMS for NetSuite can enhance and streamline these processes.

Cloud coders phased project management approachKey Steps for a Successful WMS Implementation

Implementing a WMS in NetSuite is a unique journey that begins with a deep understanding of your warehouse operations. We believe in speaking the same language as your team, ensuring that we not only secure their buy-in but also appreciate the intricacies of your day-to-day operations. A successful WMS implementation involves several key steps:

  • Planning and Preparation: This phase involves defining project objectives, identifying stakeholders, and establishing a clear implementation timeline.
  • Data Migration: Accurate data migration is crucial for ensuring the WMS has access to the necessary information to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and track shipments effectively.
  • Configuration and Customisation: The WMS is configured to align with the company’s specific warehouse processes, workflows, and business rules.
  • Testing and Training: Thorough testing ensures the WMS functions as intended, while comprehensive training empowers warehouse personnel to confidently utilise the system.
  • Go-Live and Support: The WMS is launched, and ongoing support is provided to address any issues and ensure smooth operation.

By following these steps and leveraging the expertise of our team, companies can successfully implement their NetSuite WMS solution and reap the benefits of enhanced warehouse efficiency, improved inventory management, and streamlined order fulfillment.

If you would like to learn more about how Cloud Coders can improve your Warehouse Management processes, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to take you through the most viable solution to determine where it will benefit your business and give a great return on investment for implementing your warehouse management solution.