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NetSuite Mobile First Applications

What does mobile first mean?


Mobile first applications are designed to take full advantage of the mobile deivce that you use for your business tasks. It requires a new way of writing applications so that the user can clearly see what needs to be done, and allows users to capture and process information in real time with the least amount of steps.

At Cloud Coders we specifcally chose the Honeywell Movilizer platform to deliver enterprise mobile first functionality to Oracle NetSuite users. The can run nearly any device, mobile or desktop,  any phone, tablet or any format, with the same user expereince either online or offline.

Mobile first puts user experience at the forefront of appplication design.

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Why we work well in NetSuite

NetSuite customers value having one database and system to manage their business. Our mobile applications are designed to be installed, activated and executed all within your NetSuite account.

Online or Offline

All your users to work anywhere all the time

Never underestimate the power o of being able to work offline as well as online in a warehouse environment.

Offline capability allows your users to work with no time delays as all the information that they need to complete the task is available to them. Data remains on the device until a successful sync is completed, ensuring that no data is lost even in the event of power or internet outage.

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wms system

It’s all about performance

Mobile first design ensures that users are not left waiting.

With access to all the information the users can scan or enter information, and get the latest details.

Mobile-first design ensures that whether you are processing small transactions or orders that require large volumes of detail, the user expereince is the same. Mobile first design allows processes to be streamlined for efficiency, in that steps between tages are efficient and tailored to the user expereince.

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