Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

The Fastest Scalable NetSuite Native WMS

Scalable NetSuite Native WMS

The Fastest Scalable NetSuite Native WMS

Scalable NetSuite Native WMS For Smooth Daily Operation

Supply Chain Management - Cloud CodersAs the world becomes increasingly mobile having a scalable NetSuite Warehouse Management System that works with you and enhances your business processes with smooth operation is essential. Our unique development approach of a native SuiteApp and Mobile app provides NetSuite customers with the fastest and most scalable platform for daily operations. Users have the fastest experience on the device possible, whilst NetSuite processes all the data natively and in parallel.

Invest Once, Invest well

A warehouse management system requires two things to be successful:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Technological Excellence

When we design a cloud warehouse management system for NetSuite, we understand that NetSuite customers grow rapidly and that their warehouse workers operate fast. They require a system that will provide that scalability on the native NetSuite platform and performance in the device both online and offline. Our Cloud WMS has a standard throughput of 720 transactions per hour, irrespective of the number of lines per transaction. During a standard 9-5 business day, they can easily work through over 5,000 transactions per day.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Our customers with high-volume manufacturing can process up to 9,000 transactions per HOUR, with a throughput of 72,000 transactions per day. And nor does it stop there. One customer tracks over 1.1 million pieces of inventory for maintenance and procurement in an online and office environment. With a NetSuite native architecture that is second to none, we make it work for your business.

Cloud WMS and its Mobility

The primary reason we deploy apps on the device as a native application is to allow workers to access the information they need even if they are not inside the warehouse. WMS users expect a snappy and accurate response. When inventory levels change, this needs to reflect immediately so that the users trust the system. When a user is picking an order, the last thing they want to see is a spinning wheel.

Not only does a native app mean better performance for your users, but it also means that it’s easier for users to take advantage of the capabilities of the devices themselves from simple things like the camera to advanced scanning capabilities such as continuous scanning for large volumes of data. That functionality is there at the user’s fingertips, reducing paper travel, decreasing scan time and ultimately having satisfied workers.

Cloud WMS is the fastest and most scalable NetSuite Native WMS, designed for growing businesses. Why would you want anything else?

Cloud NetSuite WMS has been designed by Warehouse and Supply Chain experts to provide the capability that is expected from a comprehensive warehouse management system. Our WMS technology is designed to scale as far as your business can reach, natively on the NetSuite ecosystem and robustly on-the-ground, in any warehouse.

If you would like to learn more about how Cloud Coders can improve your Warehouse Management processes, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to take you through the most viable solution to determine where it will benefit your business and give a great return on investment for implementing your warehouse management solution.