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Using NetSuite As A Scaleable Solution To Support Business Growth

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Using NetSuite As A Scaleable Solution To Support Business Growth

Now more than ever, selecting the right solution involves more than simply looking for product function. A solution that can support rapid change and growth, with a team that works with yours, can create a better long term business relationship that will support scalability as your business need changes.

During the last 9 months, we have seen a marked increase in the demand from consumers for our customers’ products. This has meant that they have had to increase production and fulfilment in order to meet this demand. In the warehouse and manufacturing floor environment, this would traditionally be addressed by adding more staff to the floor to manage. What if there was an alternative that allowed you to increase throughput without increasing staff, especially as restrictions have made it difficult to have staff on the floor? Fortunately for our customers, Cloud WMS has been specifically designed from the ground up to support your business natively on the NetSuite platform, putting the control in your hands.

As an example, this customer experienced an increase in demand, nearly doubling their production requirements in a very short space of time, increasing the number of builds and shipments overnight. To manually enter the data into Netsuite, at a conservative estimate, would have required 3 full-time staff to simply enter the data, and accuracy and timeliness of the data entry would have made this approach a very costly exercise. However, Cloud WMS’s scan-build and pack solution,

  • errors were reduced by scanning data,
  • The data capture rate was increased by displaying relevant and task-driven information
  • Throughput was easily handled by using NetSuite’s scaleable platform.

This resulted in not only the doubling of throughput with no additional staff, but also a reduction in the average processing time to almost instantaneous.

To deliver this kind of benefit, the Cloud Coders team worked with the client and their NetSuite Solution’s partner so that we could provide a solution to their problem that they understood, in a timely and efficient manner. The customer was able to execute the strategy using the platform they have already invested in and now can also see how easily Cloud WMS can support their future plans.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders and using NetSuite as ascaleable solution to support business growth please get in contact with us. If you’d like to know more about cloud based warehouse management solutions in general, don’t hesitate to reach out.