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New Year 2021: What to Expect From Cloud Coders?

New Year 2021 What to Expect From Cloud Coders

New Year 2021: What to Expect From Cloud Coders?

What are the plans for Cloud Coders and what can you expect from our content series in 2021?

New Products & New Features

Like in 2020, we are able to provide our cloud WMS solution to a lot of customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and as we push further around the world. In 2021, we will continue to do this with new features and new products that allow our customers to achieve the most out of a mobile NetSuite native Warehouse Management application. We’re continuing to build on the success of the previous several years as we continue to roll out our solution to some of Australia’s largest companies.

New Charities & New Success Stories

In this video and blog series throughout 2021, you’ll get a lot of new but some standard content that you’ve been getting over the previous year. For us, that means delivering content in relation to our charity initiatives, which as we’ve previously mentioned is a monthly charity donation to specific charities selected by the members of the Cloud Coders team.

We will also, through this channel, be providing you with some of our customer success stories and how we’ve been able to help customers throughout Australia and New Zealand with their warehouse management problems and being able to create and provide them with the solution that improves what’s happening within their business.

Cloud Coders Special Guest Video Presentations

One of the new things that will be coming out through this video series is some special guest video presentations. I know that you all enjoy seeing me almost every week on Cloud Coders video and blog series but there are other people that are eager to talk about what they’re doing within the business, how we are helping other businesses, and what their roles within the business are, and how that directly impacts on our success.

Throughout the series in 2021, we’ll also be including Greg Fairweather, our Warehouse Management Expert and Implementation Consultant. Greg has a wealth of knowledge around warehouse management solutions and more practically how warehouses function. He loves being out in the nitty-gritty with the customers learning what is happening within their businesses and how he can help improve and show them what industry-standard practises look like and how they could potentially fit in with what is happening within the business.

In 2021 you will be learning more from Richard Allan, our Managing Director. He is also our NetSuite Expert and helps Greg with the implementation side of things. Having been working on the NetSuite platform since it came to Australia, Richard has a fantastic knowledge of NetSuite itself, but not only that, where it has been and what the future holds for this ERP.

For us, it’s extremely important our customers and potential customers, understand NetSuite, what is happening in the future and how that will impact what our customers are doing within this landscape. This is why in 2021 we will have Richard and Greg providing you with the knowledge and expertise around their specific topics of expertise in the coming months.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders cloud WMS and how it can help improve your business and get a great return on investment for the implementation of a warehouse management solution, please get in touch.