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Cloud Coders Celebrate 5 Years of Business

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Cloud Coders Celebrate 5 Years of Business

5 Years of Business is an exciting milestone for Cloud Coders


As we enter our fifth year of business, a lot has changed from the way our business runs, to the products we build to support businesses running Netsuite and JCurve. Here are just some of the milestones that we have met along the way:Cloud Coders Movilizer Integration Architecture

  • Over 200 customers using our customisations and products
  • Doubling the staff to support business needs in 2015
  • Diversification of customer base now includes small business to large corporations.
  • Increase in annual software related income to over 50% of the business

As technology changes at an alarming rate, we have found client needs changing as well. One of the most exciting technology advancements is the move to mobile across a variety of business needs. This has meant an exciting development for the work we have planned for our products for 2016. We are really looking forward to delivering:

  • more Movilizer based applications, giving Netsuite customers more choice, control and flexibility when rolling out mobile applications to their work force cost effectively.
  • E-commerce Integration upgrades to support Magento 2.0 and other e-commerce platforms
  • Enhancements to Temando shipping providing more support for international shipping and cartonisation logic all within Netsuite.

cloud_coders_5-years-in-businessOf course, none of this would have been possible without you, our customers, and the support from our partners around the globe, so to all of you, thank you for your continued support and feedback. As our goal is to empower our clients to work smarter, we look forward to continuing to provide you with Netsuite hosted applications that allow your business to run more effectively.

If you would like to learn more about Movilizer and the exciting mobile applications or other Netsuite integrations we can offer your business contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.