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Email multiple stakeholders Using Netsuites Email Segmentation

Netsuites Email Segmentation

Email multiple stakeholders Using Netsuites Email Segmentation

Customising NetSuites Email Segmentation to Multiple Stakeholders

Netsuites Email SegmentationWe like to believe that Netsuite’s built in email functionality is excellent, allowing you to use email templates and transactions to the main email address on the customer record. However, for a lot of businesses with different departments, this is simply not enough. What we have found is a lot of our customers require their NetSuite emails to be sent to an individual group of people Ie.: the accounts department for invoices, Shipping notifications to the Warehouse department etc.

Additionally, not all customers need every level of information, so a lot of flexibility is required on the customer and transaction level. Ideally using SuiteScript we developed a process that ensured that all relevant transactions went to the right people each time, as well as ensuring it was also easy to copy in other people.

What We Did:

Using SuiteScript, we created custom groups for contacts, so that the user can select which group each customer belongs too, then each transaction (i.e invoice or quotes) would automatically include those contacts. Additionally, we automatically use NetSuite’s advanced templates to merge details from both the customer and transaction record providing a high level of personalisation for each individual client.

What we came up with was a simple approach that offers a slightly different action but offered improved financial processes:

  1. Have multiple email fields on the customer than can be used per transaction
  2. add contacts to your customer, and select which transactions they get copied on
  3. Have separate templates for each transaction type
  4. Follow the same process for Customer Statements

Also we have designed the flexibility to run a bulk process or on a per transaction basis ensuring each customer consistently and reliably receives, invoices, purchase orders and quotes from your company relevant to their department. It is this customising of NetSuites Email Segmentation to Multiple Stakeholders that can separate your business from your competitors.

The End Result

It is this customisation of NetSuites Email Segmentation using SuiteScript and NetSuites own mail merge that enables you as a business owner to do what you do best without wasting unnecessary man hours trying to ensure the right department receive the relevant information. NetSuite’s Email Integration also allows NetSuite to do what it does best, manage your business.

If you have a specific requirement for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.