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CAMILLA: A NetSuite Success Story

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CAMILLA: A NetSuite Success Story

Client Success Stories With NetSuite and A WMS

Welcome back to Cloud Coders’  blog series! In this blog we are showcasing another NetSuite Success story as we share information about the challenges and wins our current customers have faced in both warehouse management systems and NetSuite. Here at Cloud Coders we focus on providing a solution for the types of real-world problems and improving processes within businesses as well as the growth of our business to streamline and grow their output. The first NetSuite Success Story is CAMILLA.


CAMILLA:  A high-end fashion retailer

Camilla is a high-end fashion retailer based in Sydney, Australia with retail stores around Australia, ranges in department stores and included international and domestic warehouses. One of their key problems or processes that needed to be optimised, was around multichannel functions that had to be managed centrally from their location in Sydney. Managing both multiple locations and complex distribution channels from warehouses through to specific retail stores around the country was essential. Camilla also processed online orders, as well as, products positioned in department stores. There were several different ways in which distribution occurred so each distribution channel needed to be handled and processed efficiently via their warehouse management solution.

The solution? CAMILLA  required  CLOUD CODERS  to look at how we can better manage both multiple locations, and complex distribution channels from warehouses through to retail stores and positions in department stores not only nationwide but also internationally. CAMILLA  also needed to supply online orders. This meant that throughout the entire process, there were several different ways in which distribution occurred, all of which needed to be handled and processed efficiently via their warehouse management solution. As well as this, it also included CAMILLA supplies stores both internationally as well as Australia wide, there was the necessity to look at both international and domestic shipping, not only for specific stores internationally but also to and from warehouses both internationally and domestically. 

Cloud Coders Warehouse Management Solution

Our delivery of CAMILLA’s warehouse management solution, improved the agility of these processes, increased the overall efficiency of their business, and reduced operational overhead in relation to the complete process of their warehouse management solution. This meant improving their pick rates, and being able to continue to understand where parts and products were within the business itself. 

Cloud Coders deliverables improved the following aspects:

  1. Agility of processes
  2. Increase the overall efficiency of their business and
  3. Reduce operational overheads.

Training of Staff

One of the key victories we had with Cloud Coders’ WMS solution was that  CAMILLA’s temporary staff were trained and able to work in the business very quickly. Some of the team were able to use the software within the warehouse after 15 minutes of training.

For flash sales or specific events that occurred throughout the year, CAMILLA quickly brought in staff, had a high turnaround on their functions within the warehouse, and made sure that everybody was continuing to use the same processes. CAMILLA also then had no issues around return rates or miss-picks due to having staff that had not worked in the business previously.

Cloud Coders’ EDI

Cloud Coders’ WMS solution was also able to function in a key part of their business, which was the EDI or Electronic Data Interchange where computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in an electronic format was done between business partners. Our WMS  allowed us to manage their business to business data transfer between CAMILLA and their respective other B2B partners. This ensured both accuracy and real-time data for CAMILLA and being able to continue to process as many orders as was required and be able to get these out by the number of different distribution networks that existed within the business.

For us, CAMILLA is a fantastic client. They have a wonderful team that we’ve worked with for several years now and as their business grows, we continue to develop a partnership that allows us to understand their business intricately and provide them with the best solution to improve processes throughout the warehouse.

As we’ve gone over the proceeding weeks, we’ve looked at parts of Cloud Coders’ implementation. We’ve looked at why you should choose Cloud Coders and the values that exist within our business. We’ve also looked at the software itself and how it helps improve the warehouse functions and more specifically, the types of problems that it can solve.

Next week, we’ll discuss another one of our key customers that we’ve worked closely with and show you how we’ve continued to improve their processes in different ways to that of CAMILLA.

If you would like to learn how our Cloud WMS could benefit your business or even if you have questions around Cloud Coders in general, please contact us today.