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GIVING BACK — Movember

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GIVING BACK — Movember

Cloud Coders Giving Back … This Month Movember

Cloud Coders Giving Back Movember

Cloud Coders is proud to announce a new charity-based initiative for the business, giving back to causes close to our heart. Each month, we will be donating our charitable monthly fund to the chosen charity of one of our team members. This fantastic initiative, the brainchild of Cloud Coders Managing Director, Richard Allan is a fantastic way for us to give back to the wider community. Each month one of the team members will pick a charity that’s close to their heart ensuring Cloud Coders is giving back to the community. So each month, we will let you know what the charity of the month is and more specifically what those charities are doing within the wider community.

Movember Foundation

Ryley Giving Back MovemberThe charity for this month is Movember. This is a charity that has been extremely close to Ryley’s (our BDM) heart for quite some time who has been participating in Movember since 2013. Yes, he could grow a moustache back then. Movember is important to Ryley as it focuses both on men’s mental health as well as topics around men’s general health in relation to cancer. Having had friends, family and loved ones that have had problems going to see doctors around these types of health issues as well as people that have been unable to have them diagnosed due to not going and seeing medical professionals earlier is why this is our first charity.

Here at Cloud Coders we believe, it’s also important to bring awareness to these issues at this time with people having struggled through and currently struggling with a global pandemic. It may be difficult to reach out in times of need but it’s important to general health and well-being. These topics have always been important to Ryley and it is a fantastic initiative from Richard to allow the Cloud Coders staff the opportunity to use this fund in such a way.

This initiative started just a few days prior to November so this year use Movember is a big part of our workplace here at Cloud Coders. Movember, the only global charity  focused solely on men’s health. If you would like to support this awesome charity our team SuiteMo, Bro! would appreciate your help here and you will be able to find links to all the different charities on our LinkedIn page that relates specifically to each month.

If you have any questions around Movember, anything that is happening in relation to the Cloud Coders charity initiative or would just like to reach out to talk to us more about health in general in relation to Movember, please get in touch.