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Cloud WMS Built for NetSuite

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Cloud WMS Built for NetSuite

Cloud WMS Built For NetSuite CertifiedWe Develop Cloud WMS Built For NetSuite Certified

Cloud WMS is built specifically for Netsuite improving efficiencies to get the most out of your NetSuite account in a mobile warehouse setting. From the very outset Cloud WMS was built for NetSuite Certified, ensuring Cloud WMS is deeply ingrained within the NetSuite ecosystem. As with all our applications, we ensure the Cloud WMS is up to the highest standards of the NetSuite development team and fits within the NetSuite Development Network, of which we are an original partner. It is extremely important for us to ensure our application is robust and is able to handle the functions and features that are required in a mobile setting.

What does Cloud WMS really look like in terms of NetSuite and how deeply is it ingrained?

From a NetSuite perspective, the Cloud Warehouse Management Solution application is installed as a bundle within your NetSuite account and runs entirely on the NetSuite platform. As the application is NetSuite native, this means all of the actions, processes, and data that run from your NetSuite account are replicated and used within our Cloud WMS solution. In this way, NetSuite is the single point of truth of your business data, so it is not a separate application running separately from NetSuite.

Why was this important to us?

Cloud Warehouse Management Solutions need to integrate within a business as well as the individual business processes. We don’t reinvent the wheel, which is why we ensure our customers are familiar with both the WMS and the NetSuite processes. The Cloud WMS is here to enhance what you are already doing within your NetSuite account … but in a mobile setting. This integration then gives our clients, the robust and extremely powerful engine that is NetSuite ERP, but in a mobile setting that allows their staff to go through the processes in a task-based nature. This then becomes an easier and more functional process for people within the warehouse as there is less complication and more ability to get on with the requirements that they need to do in their daily tasks, and complete these tasks quickly.

A number of our customers over the years, have been on the NetSuite platform for a long time and have spent significant amounts of time setting up their warehouse processes. From our perspective, to be able to enhance these processes in a mobile setting, whilst building tools that allow our customers to achieve more in their warehouses is key. Seemingly simple things such as printing directly from devices, or creating sales orders on devices within the warehouse environment is a small part in how we continue to build on what exists on the NetSuite platform.

To that end, Cloud Coders only develops on the NetSuite platform and we pride ourselves on understanding the intricacies of such a detailed platform. This means that if there are customisations, configurations, or additional work that’s required within NetSuite space, we understand how to develop your business, so the same customisations or configurations are carried through in the Cloud WMS solution. As a result, functions that people are used to in the business can continue to exist. This also enables us to look at how we can enhance your business from both the NetSuite and warehouse perspective, while continuing to allow you to do the tasks you’ve already been doing successfully within your business.

As NetSuite is such a powerful tool, we continue to work closely with the NetSuite development teams and are a proud NetSuite Development Partner. This has meant that, throughout the years, we’re the first ones to understand new processes and innovations on the platform, and how we can look at the future and help you develop as a business. If you’d like to learn more about Cloud WMS, and more specifically how it integrates with NetSuite, and what type of functions you can look forward to, please get in touch with us below.

Moving forward, our sole focus will be on warehouse management solutions and to offer a complete end to end solution for our clients. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Being able to deliver a solution that exists outside the four walls of the warehouse, ensures here at Cloud Coders we can provide our clients a solution that exists across the complete supply chain. Our goal is to enhance productivity and reduce inefficiencies across complete supply chains.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders’ evolution into the future, the values that we have within the company and the value adds that we provide our clients, please get in contact with us. If you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company, or our products, once again, please get in touch.