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NetSuite and Honeywell Forge Platform

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NetSuite and Honeywell Forge Platform

Honeywell Forge PlatformWhy Choose the Honeywell Forge Platform with NetSuite?

Inventory management is often a pain point when discussing warehouse management solutions. This began our search to better improve inventory management within the NetSuite platform using a mobile setting to adapt to warehouse limitations. …  and our introduction to the Honeywell Forge Platform

After a lot of research, we agreed that the Honeywell Forge platform was in fact the best solution in the marketplace to improve business processes due to the ability to integrate with Netsuite. This meant the Honeywell Forge platform it is not a stand-alone Siloed warehouse management solution, but an integrated solution that links directly with your NetSuite account.

When looking at inventory management, we then identified that speed, the ability to work on and offline, and connectivity to NetSuite were all extremely important. As we looked closely at the Honeywell Forge platform, we realized that scalability was also another key factor when developing and implementing a warehouse management solution. Scalability is extremely important as businesses grow and improve their processes, the warehouse management solution must be able to continue to grow while adding improved processes and performance into the larger scale business.

Honeywell Forge platformTo this end, the Honeywell Forge platform is not only cloud based, but is extremely scalable and once integrated within NetSuite, has the power of the NetSuite processes and data. The Honeywell Forge platform has helped many large international companies continue to develop, connect with their workforce, process inventory field services and manage the complete end to end warehouse process. Some of these companies include John Deere, Coca-Cola throughout Asia, and the Belgium Post. A keynote from the Belgium Post integration was that within a couple of weeks of implementation across the entire country they were up and running on mobilizer and able to use the solution, with no errors and with a 98% uptake. This has been a key factor for our customers using the Honeywell Forge platform and has enabled end-users to not only enjoy using the solution but uptake new processes and the new solution very quickly.

Our clients already understand parts of the NetSuite process so combining this with a more streamlined mobile application, enables them to continue to develop their knowledge and processes. This strong understanding means the uptake of the Honeywell Forge platform is extremely quick and staff can be up and running on the solution in as little half an hour’s worth of training for simple processes. We have seen a number of clients needing this process for events such as Black Friday sales or around the Christmas period when sales increase rapidly and they need to get things out of the warehouse quickly. Temp staff are taught to use the solution quickly, due to the ease of uptake of the solution and are performing tasks within the business almost immediately. This is a great function for our clients and something they really love to use.

Global pandemic or not, we are here to help our clients in any way possible, and we are proud to deliver on that in a time when they really needed it. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Being able to deliver a solution that exists outside the four walls of the warehouse, ensures here at Cloud Coders we can provide our clients a solution that exists across the complete supply chain. Our goal is to enhance productivity and reduce inefficiencies across complete supply chains.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help improve your business, increase that user uptake of your warehouse management solution where people in the warehouse enjoy using the solution, please get in contact with us.

If you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company, or our products, once again, please get in touch.