Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

Cloud WMS is shaping the future of Warehouse Management

Cloud WMS is shaping the future of Warehouse Management

Cloud WMS is more than the traditional enterprise resourcing planning system, it is a cloud-based solution that works seamlessly to reduce fulfillment costs, improve customer service levels and increase efficiency across the supply chain and warehouse management operation, which lead to higher profitability and more business. What’s more? It is built to work across your entire team: for desktop and mobile, and for multiple legislations. 


When you choose to implement Cloud WMS in your business, you will experience these 5 benefits:


1. Optimised Processes
    By linking Cloud WMS in your warehouse operation, your company can form a holistic outlook that extends beyond your walls and racks.


2. Reduced Labour Cost
    It will help you reduce costly labor expenses, automate tasks throughout the warehouse, boost order processing and reduce the need for additional staff to maintain warehouse performance levels.  


3. Improved Customer Service
    Consistent error-free shipments mean satisfied and loyal customers. 


4. Enhanced Security
    Cloud WMS keeps meticulous records of inventory and it relies on user-specific logins. The system utilise electronic data capture like radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that eliminate all cases of theft by storing accurate inventory levels around the clock.


5. Transparency and Visibility
    With additional access to real-time data for orders and shipments, the customer support team can accurately handle questions and issues.
You don’t earn more simply by selling – you earn more by selling faster, more accurately. Happy customers are more likely to do business with you again because of your service – which is pretty much the holy grail for survival in this competitive business environment.