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What we learnt from NetSuite Customers at SuiteConnect Sydney 2019

NetSuite customer

What we learnt from NetSuite Customers at SuiteConnect Sydney 2019

SuiteConnect Sydney was an excellent opportuntity to converse with nearly 1,000 NetSuite customers, prospects and partners. It was a great opportunity to find out what they desired in mobile applications.

We found a commonality from both current and prospective customers in what benefits they wanted to achieve from a new ERP, but they had not considered as much the requirements that would apply to potential mobile applications.

We heard that first off, they liked NetSuite because it was accessible anywhere there is the internet. That also means that it is scalable, operates in the international locale and has the ability to support many langauges.

Next they wanted the ability to run their business processes in a clear and consistent method. From processes such as accounts receivable, inventory management and e-commerce orders, their staff had to have a clear understanding of how to do things.

Finally, they wanted upgrades and update issues to disappear. To be always on the latest version would give them access to the latest version and features.

Given these requirements for their core business system, it was very inspiring to be able to talk to them about a mobility solution that already meets those requirements, and more with the support of the right hardware.

Occasionally during demos we get asked why we built the application on the Movilizer platform, and not build our own app, or web based system. The answer is surprisingly simple, when you put it in the context that we are providing Business software, not consumer applications.

First off, Honeywell guarantee the support of the application 3 years past the end date of the OS by the provider. So if Google stop supporting Android R in 2023, then the Movilizer application is guaranteed until 2026. That’s protecting your investment.

The second key point is that Movilizer supports almost every OS in a mobile first manner (in this context an app running locally on the device) and will continue to do so for new mobile OS’s that come out. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your business is able to take advantage of new opportunities that will present themselves because of this. As developers, we want want to be adding value, not re-inventing the wheel.

The final key decision point for us was the continual development Honeywell Movilizer put into the UI. Given the scale of the Honeywell Movilizer customer base, they get more customer feedback and implement more features with each release than we ever could, which reminded us of the changes that NetSuite has seen since we first began working with it in 2005, it’s grown beyond our imagination since then.

So I would encourage you to think about these types of things whenever you’re evaluating anything to add to NetSuite, and of source, make sure it is BFN certified.