Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

Cloud WMS

Start simple and build

Cloud WMS has been designed from the bottom up to support your business as it grows.

Install the NetSuite bundle, download the app on your mobile devices, login and select your users, and you are ready to go.

Cloud WMS comes with all the functions you need to start improving your inventory management and transaction throughput right out of the box.

Once the initial roll-out of standard functionality is complete we use a stairway approach to build out your functionality and continue to improve your complete end-to-end solution.

Shipping management system
Clearly defined processes reduce confusion and increase throughput

Problems that we solve:

– Overly complex processes caused by multiple or manual systems.

– New staff do not know the system and it takes too long for them to be effective.

Let your users benefit from all the work the Honeywell User Experience centre has put into the application interface, that enables your users to complete tasks in a clearly defined and logical process.

Application screens show the number of tasks each user has to complete, with summary, detail and confirmation screens showing the information relevant and required at each stage.

Improve your application content by separating orders into different streams, National or International, or or standard priority, making it clearer for your workforce.

Consistent design across all workflows means that users require minimal cross functional training to complete additional tasks, reducing labour cost and diversifying skill base.

Improve Throughput and Reduce Error Rates

Problem that we solve:

– Clear instruction on what needs to be done

Cloud WMS provides a continual update of application data, stock levels and transaction information from our application to your NetSuite account. The application is optimised to process this information in real time in NetSuite, with a scalable and highly efficient process.


Data capture, lookup and processing on the device is faster and accurate. Your users can complete tasks quickly with higher throughout, data validation and less errors, ultimately reducing cost for your business.


Our clear and consistent design shows users what they need to do to complete their tasks. Text hints, logically screen layout, audible and visual prompts provide the users with the information they need to complete any task.

Work Online or Offline

Problem that we solve:

– Allows Your Users To Work Anywhere All The Time

Never underestimate the power of being able to work offline as well as online in a warehouse environment.


Offline capability allows your users to work with no time delays as all the information that they need to complete the task is available to them. Data remains on the device until a successful sync is completed, ensuring that no data is lost even in the event of power or internet outage.


  • Offline signature and image capture allows for quality control checks and confirmation of order dispatch and receipt.
  • Orders can be created in a store, your warehouse or in the field.
  • Operations can continue even in the event of internet outages, power outages or network failure
  • Locations that have wifi restrictions such as dangerous goods or cold stores can still be operational all the time.

Easy Installation

It’s as simple as following this simple for steps:

1.   BFN SuiteApp Installation

Cloud WMS is a Built for NetSuite native SuiteApp, that resides and operates entirely within your NetSuite account, linking your mobile devices. As a managed bundle we provide updates and new features throughout the year, and also ensures that the application keeps up with NetSuite’s bi-annual major releases.

2.   Connect NetSuite to Cloud App

In your NetSuite account, link both your Production and optionally Sandbox NetSuite accounts to the provided Distribution accounts. Enter in the Device’s you wish to connect.

3.   Local mobile device installation

Download the client from the Android or Apple app store, or for other operating platforms from the distribution service. The flexibility of the client allows you to roll out the application to handheld devices, supporting up to 8 different operating systems.

4.   Log into the device

Using the provided participant ID’s, log into the Honeywell Forge client. The app will start syncing and you’re ready to go

Advanced Warehouse Capability

Cloud WMS has been specifically designed to advance your inventory and order operations. Through either our own internal development or in conjunction with our partners, we continue to deliver more functionality that will benefit your business.


Cloud WMS also puts the ability to create transactions in the hands of the users, allowing them to create transfer, inventory counts and a host of other transactions natively on the device. This extends the reach of NetSuite directly into the hands of workers in the warehouse, whilst maintaining and enforcing the controls that have been implemented in NetSuite.


Cloud WMS has many options to restrict data and transactions available to devices that go beyond NetSuite’s normal settings.

Cloud WMS Warehouse Management for Netsuite
Control Inventory Better with Wireless Handhelds

Problems that we solve

– The inability to generate or check the correct information whilst working on the warehouse floor.

Controlling inventory is about giving the user what they need in their hand to check it, correct it, move it, build it and a whole host of other functions to ensure that inventory is managed in a consistent and rapid process. We help improve your inventory processes in NetSuite with two main approaches

  • Putting the information in the users hand
  • Building additional functionality that augments the NetSuite processes

By building applications that run natively on the device, Cloud WMS enables users to quickly and accurately check, create or update information, and have the output correctly reflected in NetSuite.

Cloud WMS goes beyond NetSuite’s core functionality to provide improved packaging, palletisation, manifesting/shipping and inventory management processes, whilst ensuring the your inventory reporting and replenishment processes are still intact.

Faster Receiving

Problems that we solve

– Inability for retail stores to receive in orders generated centrally

Scan Receiving is a guaranteed way to improve your stock accuracy. Cloud WMS takes it to the next level , allowing you to capture new barcodes for the same products as the manufacturer/supplier updates them. We also understand that in the retail environment it is not always desirable to check the details of the purchase orders, and that receiving them against an ASN is required. Cloud WMS provides this function and flexibility ensuring that your retail stores can make the most benefit of having WMS processes available to them directly from NetSuite.

Quality assurance steps such as capturing photographs of damaged inbound goods, photos of attached invoices or collecting additional data such as consignment numbers or invoices are also included. Using this information you can optionally improve workflows around billing and inventory management,  to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Cloud WMS additionally allows you to generate product barcodes directly from the device number for the label so you can connect that item with a location to keep track of every item.

Improved Management Inside the Warehouse

Problems that we solve

– Lack of Inventory Visibility

As you move items to storage racks and pallets in your warehouse, Cloud WMS automatically updates NetSuite with the items locations and storage time – all in real time so you see current, accurate data.

  • Multiple barcodes can be assigned to each item, important for multiple suppliers and different packing quantities.
  • Find items easily for shipments, Customs inspections, or transfers to another warehouse.
  • Perform counts to maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Control inventory by part number, SKU, and/or serial and lot numbers.
  • Create pallet ID labels to keep track of all items in a pallet to speed up processing a high volume of items.
  • Use standard and custom NetSuite reports to see what is on hand, items that are arriving and more.
Release and Ship Accurately and Quickly

Problem that we solve

– Control of order release process and accurate picking and tracking of orders.

  • Releasing orders individually, automatically or in batches to your mobile devices for accurate picking and loading of items into shipments.
  • Print shipping labels with barcodes to load and ship items.
  • Scan barcodes, part numbers and/or serial and lot numbers for accurate inventory management.
Documentation, labels and Shipping Integration

Problem that we solve

– Insistent documentation output between systems

Cloud WMS has a focus on delivering a consistent process whether or not the process is completed entirely within NetSuite, on the mobile device or in a hybrid approach. When generating documents we support using NetSuite’s native PDF’s, Bartender ™ and custom XML templates.

We also support native shipping and EDI integration as required, having end-to-end support for Australia Post and EDI via SPS-Commerce. This provides a streamlined and robust process ensuring accurate and timely data handling.

Printing from Device

Problem that we solve

– Having to use NetSuite via a computer to print labels and documentation.

Nothing is more important than making sure that paperwork or labeling is available in the workflow when the user needs it done. Generate documents from any of our supported interfaces, and have them available for printing on the device. Process completion is streamlined and accurate.


Future Proof

How do I know what hardware, software and operating systems to invest in?

Cloud WMS is based on three core pillars to provide scalability, in both organic business growth and changes in technology.


Delivery of Cloud WMS on two world leading cloud based platforms ensures that you benefit from all the changes in infrastructure without any of the hassles of having to manage it, or investigate what changes you may need to make.


Our partnership with Honeywell and their Mobility Edge platform provides the hardware guarantee for the mobile operating systems, ensuring that that hardware investment will have as long a life as possible.

Our applications

Our development using the Honeywell Forge platform ensures that as existing operating systems change, and new ones evolve, you will be able to continue rolling out the existing mobile applications going forward

Honeywell - The Power of Connected - Warehouse Management System - Cloud Coders

Built For

Honeywell-ISV- Warehouse Management System - Cloud Coders

Certified By

Honeywell - Warehouse Management System - Cloud Coders

Tested On The Mobility Edge Platform

Delivered Entirely from the NS Platform

Problem we solve

– Where the data’s point of truth is,

– Where do customisations need to occur, reduce cost of maintenance

NetSuite is always your single point of truth.

Your mobile applications are created, distributed and processed using NetSuite. This also means that customisations and/or workflows that you implement in your NetSuite account are respected.


Devices, applications and data are management from NetSuite, all of which provides security.


Terminology is based on Netsuite, so record naming and transaction management is consistent across your business.


Cloud WMS is as scalable as your NetSuite account.

It’s all about Performance

Scalability and Speed


Reduce time spent doing a task with a mobile first application design. With online and offline capability, users are always able to complete quickly and accurately the tasks they need to do.

Mobile first application delivery

  • puts user experience at the forefront of application design
  • ensures your users are able to work anywhere, anytime all the time.
  • Operations are validated and completed with accuracy efficiently

You will benefit from fast user adoption, reduced training costs and increased accuracy.

Scalable Performance

NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Platform to scale allows your business to scale both business processes and data processing, with the SuiteCloud Infrastructure providing availability and application and operation security.

Honeywell provides a multi-tenant, cloud hosted platform, providing security, control and scalability through its architecture of apps, Cloud Infrastructure and generic app clients.

You benefit from having two world class Cloud based software solutions working in harmony together.

One System to Manage your business

Simplicity and Consistency


NetSuite provides complete scalability from trading locally, to being a multi company, multi country business, so it’s important that when choosing a platform to deliver your mobile processes, that it supports that growth model.

Cloud WMS is built to simply expansion of WMS processes:

  • Your NetSuite administrators can manage it.
  • It uses the NetSuite database as the single point of truth, no integration and the same language used.
  • Business logic defined in NetSuite is respected.
Built to scale internally and internationally


The Cloud Distribution Service (CDS) powered by the Honeywell Cloud, is used to synchronise the applications and is a multi-tenant and hosted mobile enterprise platform. As a central junction for back-end & device management, the Honeywell Cloud eliminates any investment in new infrastructure. The CDS framework built and managed entirely within NetSuite allows NetSuite customers to take advantage of this enterprise grade platform, to support deployment of applications anywhere around the globe.



The CDS offers instantaneous and linear scalability of your mobile apps out-of-the-box:

  • Deploy and run 1000s of concurrent users
  • Absorb seasonal peak usage
  • Eliminate stressing your back-end systems
  • No need for additional NetSuite user licenses



The CDS enables any device to connect securely to your enterprise systems:

  • Users & clients are identified, authenticated, monitored from NetSuite
  • Exchanged data structures are validated, virus-checked, obfuscated, encrypted, decrypted
  • Business (source) systems are authenticated, certificates verified and unexpected behaviors are monitored
  • External attack patterns are automatically identified & neutralized

One of the key features of Cloud WMS is that all the apps available from NetSuite work on any mobile device. The client works with 8 different OS platforms. NetSuite apps can be deployed and run within each of these clients on their designated platforms.

BFN Certified

If it’s not a SuiteApp, it’s not a SuiteApp!

All Cloud Coders applications are Built for NetSuite Certified.

Tested and certified at least twice a year through NetSuites SuiteCloud Developer Network, we ensure that our applications meet and exceed the requirements for performance, security and functional advances as NetSUite continues to evolve as a product.

Use Cloud WMS to improve productivity

Advanced On Platform Warehouse Management System For Netsuite.