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February Charity Initiative: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

February Charity Initiative: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

February Charity Initiative: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

In February, the charity for the month is the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. As you may have known from some of our previous video content, we have a monthly charity initiative where one of our team members selects a charity in which they wish to support, so Cloud Coders makes a donation on their behalf.

Indigenous Literacy FoundationIndigenous Literacy Foundation

This foundation does fantastic work focusing on instilling a love of reading in the indigenous community from an early age. Being able to read has opened so many doors for the indigenous community, and the fact that there are some very remote indigenous communities, it is important to be able to instil this love of reading for them. Through the foundation, the purpose is to make a difference in these people’s lives and their families. Being able to read opens many doors, but in very remote indigenous communities, it can be a scarcity of books and specific literacy. This means that there are sometimes lower-level literacy people within these communities.

The purpose of the foundation is to make a difference in the lives of indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books but with a focus on early literacy and first language literacy but also they run programs to inspire communities to tell and publish their own stories in languages they choose. These are fantastic initiatives that allow not only for improved awareness of literacy that exists throughout Australia but also encouraging the indigenous communities to be speaking within their own native languages and promoting this and these types of cultural important cultural points within their communities but also to the wider community within Australia.

It’s been a fantastic initiative and helps throughout not only indigenous communities but those remote indigenous communities that may not have access to this for these type of literacy requirements. Barcode is always proud to support charities that help people learn or help people improve their quality of life. So we’d like to thank the team member who has selected the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for February’s charity.

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