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Infrastructure Requirements as Business Becomes More Mobile

Partnering With JCurve and Honeywell Movilizer

Infrastructure Requirements as Business Becomes More Mobile

Can Your Business Meet the Infrastructure Requirements For Mobile?

A term being used a lot these days is the ‘Internet of Things” or IoT. Which is simply interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Add in mobile and immediately the consumerisation of IT, internal policies standardising on certain types of devices or operating systems are no longer acceptable. Employees will often bring their own devices into the workspace because they see benefits in how they can organise and do their work more effectively. They not only ask for choice but will demand options from company devices. The biggest issue facing business today is whether your processes, operating systems and policies can meet these infrastructure requirements for mobile. 

A lot of enterprises see their business model under pressure because of the increased importance of mobility and the need to further optimise their operations with enterprise mobile apps. Even those with an internal IT department are being challenged more than before, as the mobile landscape becomes more complex as it increases.This is a critical time for many businesses. The cost always comes before the benefit so limiting risk and mistakes as much as possible become essential. Not an easy task when the market is pushing hard to make a move and do it quickly. This is just one of the reasons here at Cloud Coders we have partnered with the Honeywell Movilizer platform to empower businesses.

Our focus is using the Honeywell Technology powering Netsuite to enable businesses to further optimise their operations with enterprise mobile apps using the Honeywell Movilizer platform. Whatever choice you as a company make, it is recommended to consider the impact on the infrastructure requirements and architecture of your preferred way forward with mobile and the IoT. Your chosen solution should be:
Infrastructure Requirements as Business Becomes More Mobilehighly available (as mobility supports often business critical processes)

  • shouldn’t be hindered by a high number of users or traffic
  • guaranteed end-to-end security for mobility and a safe approach to implementing a BYOD policy
  • should drive towards a low TCO and facilitate process innovation.

Our range of Honeywell Movilizer applications that are being integrated by us here at Cloud Coders utilises Cloud-to-Cloud based synchronisation, to ensure data is delivered and updated in real-time from NetSuite to mobile devices. NetSuite manages the workflow, ensuring that the business has complete control over when data gets delivered. Some of these applications include:

  • Field Service
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Quality Inspections
  • Driver Delivery Solutions
  • Contact Management Solution
  • Track and Trace (Currently under development)

We believe, this solution can grow with a business, is easy to use is simple to set-up, and doesn’t greatly impact on the infrastructure requirements of the business for mobile. We understand the need for business continuity and have selected a solution to support this. As if your business internet goes down or you have a large warehouse, this WMS lets you keep on processing orders as completing tasks on the mobile device does not require an internet connection.

Discover more information about these solutions here: https://cloudcoders.com.au/our-products/. If you think this new application is as exciting as we do or you can see a need for it in your business, we would love to chat to you. In fact, if you have a mobile integration requirement for NetSuite or any specific integration requirements for your business and NetSuite contact us today and find out how we can make your life simpler and help you work smarter.


Excerpts taken from The Movilizer White Paper – The Mobile Tsunami