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Pivot Warehouse Management Solutions During COVID-19

Pivoting Warehouse Management Solutions Stock sale

Pivot Warehouse Management Solutions During COVID-19

How Do You Pivot Warehouse Management Solutions During Lock Down?

pivot-your-businessWith COVID-19 a lot of businesses have been forced to re-look at the way their systems and processes operate. Many have either had to slow down or shutdown completely. For Cloud Coders we made it our mission to help ensure our clients not only keep operating during these challenging times, but are able to quickly pivot warehouse management solutions into new ways of doing business. In this blog we discuss two examples of clients who have installed our warehouse management solutions (WMS) in their warehouses as well as their stores.

In the first case, our customer a high level of increase in both the number of orders and the volume of those orders that had to ship to customers. With our solution, our client could not only process all of these new orders and the higher volumes, but ensured all their stock was continually up to date. This was due to our cloud WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) delivering warehouse management processes directly to their mobile devices. As the solution is a NetSuite native application, their warehouse management processes, inventory, pricing, are all taken from NetSuite, it allowed their team to have greater access to the processes. So with the impact of COVID-19, when their daily order volume doubled, they were able to pivot their warehouse management solution with no concern about outages or issues. They were also were able to deliver excellent customer service and meet their customer expectations.

Pivoting Warehouse Management Solutions Stock saleThe second key example has been the ability to create improved processes for customers who are experiencing flash sales, moving a large number of of old stock items. Knowing where all the stock was in the warehouse enabled them to quickly pivot, change their business model slightly and continue to function as normal within the day to day running of the business. Again with their warehouse management solution based on the NetSuite native application, ensured their team have greater access to the correct processes, inventory and pricing so they could segment with a flash sale on specific items that had to move quickly.

Both of these client cases used our cloud WMS solution to enhance their business, while continually improving their processes. Global pandemic or not, we are here to help our clients in any way possible, and we are proud to be able to deliver on that in a time when they really needed it.

If you would like to learn more about our cloud WMS (warehouse management solution), contact us below. Moving forward, our sole focus will be on warehouse management solutions, and to offer complete end to end solution for these customers. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Being able to deliver a solution that exists outside of the four walls of the warehouse, ensures here at Cloud Coders we can provide our clients a solution that exists across the complete supply chain. Our goal is to enhance productivity, and reduce inefficiencies across that clients complete supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders evolution into the future, the values that we have within the company and the value adds that we give to our clients, please get in contact with me. If you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company or our products, once again, please get in touch.