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What Is A Cloud WMS Netsuite Warehouse Management Solution?

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What Is A Cloud WMS Netsuite Warehouse Management Solution?

A High-Level Overview Of Our Cloud WMS  Netsuite Warehouse Management Solution

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Our cloud WMS  Solutions (Warehouse Management Solution) is a task base mobile application that delivers warehouse management processes directly to a mobile device. The solution itself is a NetSuite native application, and it runs as a bundle installed in your NetSuite account. This means it allows us to use the power of NetSuite and use NetSuite as a single point of truth. Things such as your warehouse management processes, inventory, pricing, are all taken from NetSuite, enabling you to use that as your single point of truth throughout this whole process. What our solution does is enhance these processes within a mobile setting, allowing you and your team to have greater access to the processes in a mobile setting throughout your warehouse.

The key functionalities of being a mobile application allows it to run on and offline within the warehouse. Some of the adaptable situations are, you have a freezer that has low connectivity to your WiFi routers. If you have a large warehouse, that once again has some dead spots throughout the warehouse, or if you’re working with explosives, or flammable liquids. These scenarios mean that while you may have to run offline at periods of time, our solution will continue to function as normal … regardless of the connectivity.

"wms warehouseThe solution also provides a great opportunity for you to send specific tasks to the device and allow specific people within your business to be doing those tasks. As each task is sent to the device, from NetSuite, and from your NetSuite process, you may have some people who, for example, are very good at the pick part of the process. So they would be, for example very good pickers of specific items and they would then get those tasks specifically delivered to their device and know that those are the tasks they have to complete within the day. This is the same for something like a packing station, or somebody who specifically works on the shipping side of things.

Our cloud WMS also provides some things outside of the consistent NetSuite processes in order to enhance this mobile setting. These are things such as documentation, printing directly from the device  being able to create sales orders directly on the device for warehouses that have shopfronts as well. This solution also gives the ability to move outside the four walls with processes such as sign on delivery and various parts of image capturing. The solution as a whole is extremely robust and powerful, allowing you to not only use the strength of a mobile application in the field, but deriving all of the processing and information from NetSuite.

As mentioned earlier with our cloud WMS, you have that single point of truth, as you continue to use enhanced processes that exist within the business and then the hands of your team within the warehouse themselves. Finally, our solution goes through the processes in a phased approach, allowing you to understand how your solution has been implemented, and what processes you need to take place within the business to ensure that you’re taking these steps in the right way to delivering that final solution. We also, in terms of the product itself run on a subscription model as many other softwares as a service do.

"wms warehouseImplementation is included as well, which is obviously a once off payment through that implementation process. But at the end of the day, what is really important is the speed in which your solution can run, and that is where we continue to make strides within the warehouse management space. Being a mobile first application, our speed is second to none in terms of our ability to collect data, and to push data to the device, allowing you to have real time updates, and being able to process at a high speed in terms of pick, pack and ship processes. This allows us to continue to ensure that our clients understand their inventory levels and have that speed to process if they have to have orders out the door quickly, or if they need to improve efficiencies within the business themselves.

This has been a little bit of a high level overview of parts of our solution. How it integrates, and uses NetSuite, as well as some information around the general setting of the application itself. From the finance perspective (especially during COVID-19) the subscription model, allows clients to increase the number of subscriptions and only pay for what they are using therefore using Capital Expenditure not operational expenditure.

If you would like to learn more about our cloud WMS (warehouse management solution), contact us below. Moving forward, our sole focus will be on warehouse management solutions, and to offer complete end to end solution for these customers. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Being able to deliver a solution that exists outside of the four walls of the warehouse, ensures here at Cloud Coders we can provide our clients a solution that exists across the complete supply chain. Our goal is to enhance productivity, and reduce inefficiencies across that clients complete supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders evolution into the future, the values that we have within the company and the value adds that we give to our clients, please get in contact with me. If you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company or our products, once again, please get in touch.