Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

Why Choose Cloud Coders for your WMS?


Why Choose Cloud Coders for your WMS?

Choosing Cloud Coders for Your WMS

In our video and blog series over the previous few weeks, we have discussed the four key areas when looking at moving over to a WMS for your business. So why choose Cloud Coders? Essentially because we provide every customer with a:

  • Complete solution
  • Strong partnerships
  • Relevant knowledge
  • Ready for growth

The key aspect of our solution is the fact that it is a complete end-to-end WMS starting with the NetSuite ERP. Our cloud WMS has all the functions required for warehouse management, alongside the hardware in which the application sits. This is then coupled together with various other partners that allow us to implement and work with many aspect of the warehouse management process.

Complete Solution

Cloud Coders partnership starts with NetSuite ERP or Enterprise resource planning for your accounting, inventory, supply chain and order management. One database, one system in Real-time, it offers a unified global business management platform to manage operations involving multiple countries, currencies, languages and subsidiaries.

This then integrates with SOTI’s mobile device management platform, with integrations to different shipping providers that work within the NetSuite landscape. SOTI makes Mobile Device Management easier than ever before.  Cloud coders’ use of SOTI MobiControl allows you to   control your mobility system. Our customers then have a product that entails everything that they need, in regards to the implementation around WMS.

As implementation experts, we have an understanding of both the hardware and software so our customers get the right equipment to be used within their business, to fit within their solution. Whether this solution is mobile devices, printers, right down to labeling and making sure that pins and locations are all set up correctly. We cover all parts and aspects of the warehouse process.

Strong partnerships

cloud coders key partnerships Honeywell ForgeAnother key reason for choosing Cloud Coders is partnerships. We work with many different partners across the NetSuite landscape and beyond. Partners that work directly on the NetSuite platform, such as NetSuite solution providers through to hardware suppliers that help us facilitate the Honeywell hardware. Our partnerships include companies such as SOTI which provide a mobile device management platform, and allows greater access and control over the devices throughout your business. Our experience allows us a great understanding of what is required, and what is the best in class for each of these specific avenues within your business. One of the keys in which people are choosing Cloud Coders and our cloud WMS solution, is the fact that it is more than just software.

Relevant knowledge

When providing a complete end-to-end solution, we don’t just provide you with a piece of software, some hardware, and some other bits of software that may fit in with what you’re doing within your business. We take the time to understand your business, what the industry best practices are, and then mesh all of this together to provide a solution that gives you best in class across the complete warehouse process. We marry what is currently happening within your NetSuite and improve those processes that exist within the business already.

This is all done through our combined years of knowledge on both the NetSuite platform, having used NetSuite since it first came into Australia. Through to an extended level of knowledge of mobile applications and warehouse management. This is not just knowledge. Cloud Coders are a built for NetSuite certified partner of NetSuite, as well as an initial member of Movilizer’s development network.

This knowledge enables us to have the foresight and understanding of new features, new functions, on both of these platforms. We are always ready to make sure your business is at the forefront of what is happening on these two platforms. As a result, it means there are no hiccups when there are new releases or patches in relation to those two parts of the solution.

Ready For Growth

Finally, we pride ourselves on having a solution that is ready for your business to grow. There are two aspects to this. First, is software solution is cloud-based and able to continue to grow with your business, whether it is new users or requirements around hardware. Secondly, we ensure our solution is tailored for continual growth, whether it is specific configurations or customisations for features that improve the efficiencies and make sure the solution we provide is a perfect fit for what you are trying to achieve.

In summary, there are some very clear reasons in which you should choose Cloud Coders for your WMS. The understanding of the complete solution, strong partnerships, great knowledge of the key systems and functions of your business, coupled with the fact that we are here for you to grow, we want you to grow, and we will be growing with you.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders and our cloud WMS, please get in contact. Next week, we’ll be starting to discuss some parts of the product around specific costs, and some important things that you should be looking at when thinking about costs related to WMS. Until then, please take care and get in touch if you would like some more information.