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Cloud WMS A Complete End to End Solution

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Cloud WMS A Complete End to End Solution

Looking for a complete end to end solution with Cloud WMS?

When it comes to Cloud WMS and supply chain needs, only a reliable and compelling service provider counts. For us, this means that we always want to provide you with that complete end to end solution. At Cloud Coders, we understand that purchasing software integral to your business, such as a warehouse management solution, must do more than simply work. It needs to enhance what you’re doing within your business and improve the overall efficiencies of that specific part of your business i.e. your warehouse. 

In this blog, we compile the previous month of blogs and videos, all of which together, showcase an extremely powerful ecosystem that allows us to provide our customers with a complete end to end solution. Our goal here at Cloud Coders has always been to provide this type of a solution to our customers. For us, it’s not as simple as giving somebody a piece of hardware or software and having them try and understand how it functions without giving them the background and support system to ensure this solution is successful within the business. To ensure this, the key areas are:

  • Cloud WMS software piece 
  • Cloud WMS documentation and printing bundles 
  • WMS processing 
  • Training implementation
  • Phased approach to the project management 
  • Ongoing development of features and enhancements, 
  • Partnerships throughout the communities that we’re involved in, whether on the NetSuite side of things, or hardware partners, such as Gamma Solutions, Honeywell or software integration partners such as SOTI.

Our mission here at Cloud Coders is to offer effective solutions to our clients. For us, it is not enough to provide a piece of hardware or software and letting them use it, that’s not how our end-to-end solution works. We always provide the software and hardware background, its support system, and processes to make it optimal for the business. When you purchase our Cloud WMS, we understand the trust you have given us and how critical it is for your business.

Cloud WMS Software Piece

We start our process with understanding how you are using the NetSuite WMS platform. This is where over 15 years of experience on NetSuite come into play. We understand the latest version of NetSuite, features still in the design process and how these different elements may potentially impact your warehouse management processes. We then go a step further, as our warehouse management solution enhances these elements and is integrated into a mobile setting that allows for improved performance.

This process streamlines your teams ability to work within the four walls of your warehouse, as well as outside through a mobile application, enhancing the task-based nature of the NetSuite processes that already exist within your business. For many businesses in terms of warehouse management solutions, this is where the relationship would potentially end … for us, this is only the beginning. We take steps to understand what is happening within your business, whether on the warehouse management side, or the NetSuite side of things. We then use this knowledge to enhance what you’re doing within the business.

Cloud WMS Documentation and Processing

Taking a step further, we enhanced our warehouse management software by adapting it to a mobile setting for improved performance and work within the bounds of your warehouse. Through our mobile application, we simply improve the task-based nature of the NetSuite WMS processes already embedded in your business.

While our Cloud WMS documentation and printing improves on those processes that exist already in your business, we also share our understanding of industry best practices. The goal is to improve processes within the warehouse itself, such as route optimisation, bin locations, labeling and printing, as well as flow of the warehouse in relation to pick speeds and ability for your team to best understand and perform on a daily basis. This is all captured through our ability to deliver this solution on the NetSuite WMS platform, while training you and your team on how to best understand and make these processes a viable part of your business processes. 

Training Implementation & Phased Project Management

As mentioned previously in our video and blog on training implementation, there is no point in providing a piece of software that is not understood or used effectively within your business. We ensure that you understand how that piece of software fits in with NetSuite, and how it enhances what you’re currently doing within your business. The Cloud Coders Cloud WMS is an extremely intuitive solution with the ability to start using our solution from the very start. 

We understand that our clients need to use this solution quickly, get it out in the hands of the staff who need the efficiency, and therefore be able to get value from the solution straightaway. This all comes down to the rigorous training process we put in place for our clients to ensure that they understand how to use our solution and how to maximise the value from that solution. We have had customers who have had new or temporary staff come into the business and be able to be up and running and using the solution within half an hour to go through obviously more simpler processes. 

Ongoing Feature Development & Enhancements 

The complete end to end solution, once again, does not end with training and implementation, but it continues to involve many other parts of your business. We are always one call away if you need further assistance from troubleshooting, training, and after-installation support. Our goal is to help our clients learn more about the solution and learn how it can continue to enhance their business processes. 

For us, the training process continues on as we can build out more functionality and continue to develop educate the people within the business on these new functions. Once set up there is a tangible guide as to the next steps within the process and what can be enhanced within the warehouse itself. This process then allows team members to continue to learn how they can use the NetSuite account more effectively with cloud WMS, and continue to improve warehouse processes.

Feature development and enhancements include the correct hardware to ensure our application runs in a suitable manner to your business. We simply don’t let you go and source hardware wondering whether it’s the correct item. We ensure this fits in with what you’re trying to achieve in your business, and that is it the most useful piece of technology for your needs. For us, we take the time to understand so you don’t have to.

Partnerships throughout the communities

We work with our hardware partners to make sure that you have the right hardware not just for your business, but for the longevity of your business, as well. This is paired with industry leading software, such as our SOTI mobile device management platform. As a business owner you have greater oversight of the hardware, while we have greater access and usability of the software on your platform. This means as a cloud-based system, we can manage your system from anywhere throughout the globe. For us, this ties together our ability to give you that complete end to end solution, from inputting data into NetSuite, right through to being able to take signatures on delivery on the glass screen of your Honeywell piece of hardware. All of this is monitored through your mobile device management platform. This gives you a complete solution ready to go to enhance what you are doing in your warehouse currently, as well as continue to develop that platform throughout your business.

This ties all together in our ability to give you that complete end-to-end solution. From data input to NetSuite, the ability to take signatures on delivery of your Honeywell hardware, and monitoring through a mobile device management platform, this rounds up a complete solution.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders’ complete end to end solution, and how we fit together with your business, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.