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Being A Value Driven Company

Being A Value Driven Company

Being A Value Driven Company

What Are The Values That Drive Cloud Coders?

Cloud coders Value Driven members of NetSuite SuiteCloudCloud Coders is a value driven company. We focus on providing excellent delivery, training, support and industry best practices to our customers to ensure they get the most business value from their NetSuite account and our Mobile Applications. This value add comes from our 20 years experience across both these platforms. This ensures that our clients get the best business value for the implementation, training and across their entire supply chain management as well as NetSuite systems. Again we 20 years of experience across both mobile applications and the NetSuite ERP itself, so coupled with three key pillars that drive Cloud Coders you are guaranteed value add to your business.

Our core values

Diligence – We value people that listen to the problem, design, provide and explain the solution, and then follow through the work until process or objective is complete.
Continuous Improvement – We value people that look at what has been previously done and how to improve it. They find new ways of doing things that provide business benefits.
Teamwork – We work with our customers and partners to deliver the best solutions possible. We invest time and effort training and learning from people within our company, our customers and our partners. Working together we can achieve results above and beyond what is possible individually.

When working with our clients, it is these values that drive us to improve your business efficiencies assist in relieving with some of your company’s core pain points. Our key pillars are:

  • Collaboration
  • Training and implementation
  • Being Software leaders

Collaborative Approach

The first key pillar is a collaborative approach. Coming from the background of consulting across multiple different platforms including NetSuite itself, our business has continued to adapt our approach in terms of how we work with our clients. We know that nobody knows your business better than you do but we also want to make sure that you are implementing best practices across your business and not only in terms of NetSuite processes but how your business runs in a mobile setting within the warehouse itself. Working WITH you, using our knowledge and understanding of both NetSuite processes and warehouse management, we are available to continue to deliver solutions that makes sense to your business and are unique in solving your problems. This in turn creates efficiencies that you need to improve.

Training and implementation

The second key pillar is training and implementation. The value that we add through our business is not simply giving you a warehouse management solution and letting your team use it and figure it out for themselves. We ensure you understand the implementation, the processes that are followed from NetSuite into your warehouse management solution as well as ensuring the people within your business understand HOW to use the solution. This can be a great tool for you to help other stakeholders within the business, learn more about the warehouse management solution, troubleshoot small problems quickly and overall have a better understanding of how the solution runs.  There is also great buy-in when key stakeholders see what these systems and processes can really do to improve your business.

Software leaders

The final key pillar is for Cloud Coders to be a software leader. This means understanding the mobile application setting in terms of warehouse management and supply chain alongside the processes within the NetSuite environment. We are both an ISV Partner with Honeywell, giving you the confidence that we have both access and understanding of the mobile space. and core knowledge of the mobile as a product itself. Being part of the NetSuite development network, we also an understanding of each new version of NetSuite released, and how these changes and updates will impact your business. Being a value driven company enables we use our experience across both NetSuite updates and mobile platforms to not just be at the forefront of the changes but monitor any impact to your business. It is this extra step, looking at what we can do potentially outside of the standard “warehouse management solution” that impacts on your complete supply chain. These steps are integrated into our application, which is then reflected within your NetSuite account. It is a continual push on the boundaries of what we can do and what you can achieve in terms of efficiencies within this space.

If you’d like to know more about how we create this collaborative approach, maybe more about our training and implementation processes or generally about how our software continues to be at the forefront of the industry. Contact us today and lets talk!