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Cloud Coders Partners At SuiteConnect 2020

SuiteConnect 2020 Cloud coders takeaways

Cloud Coders Partners At SuiteConnect 2020

SuiteConnect 2020 Take-Aways

suiteconnect 2020 Cloud coders takeawaysNow that SuiteConnect is done and dusted for 2020, here is a recap of Cloud Coders at SuiteConnect 2020 as a Gold Sponsor. At SuiteConnect, we showcased our flagship product, Cloud WMS, as well as a range of Honeywell devices and SOTI’s mobile device management solution. As a Gold Sponsor, it also meant we had a greater opportunity to influence and discuss our product with people across the NetSuite platform, as well as engaging with different partners on a higher level.

We were joined by one of our favourite partners, Honeywell on our exhibition stand, as they have been a great supporter of Cloud Coders over the preceding years. As an ISV (Independent Software Vendors) partner for several years, we have continued to develop ourselves within this partner network. At SuiteConnect, we we able to display a wide range of Honeywell hardware, including devices from their retail section, such as the CT40, as well as devices from their forklift based product, the VM1, Thor.

Honeywell CT40 Mobile Computer SuiteConnect 2020 displayThis gave us as an exhibitor, the opportunity to show how our solutions work on the Honeywell devices and display our guarantee that these are best in class. Over the years we have proudly built a task driven, mobile application framework that delivers and processes entirely on the NetSuite platform. From the solution with the Honeywell devices, to our integration with NetSuite itself, then to the hardware that the end users will be operating. This flow allows us to truly be able to deliver a complete end to end solution for our customers.

We were able to show both our clients and potential clients how we facilitate supply chain operations across their business through our flagship product, Cloud WMS. Cloud Coders  remain committed to growth, through our continued development of our NetSuite and Honeywell partner relationships, we shared our platform knowledge as well as new product features.

Another partner that joined us was SOTI. SOTI provide an arrangement of mobility and support program software that allows people to have a greater visibility of their mobile devices within their business, as well as other key features within the SOTI ONE Platform. The key piece of software that we here at Cloud Coders use in conjunction with SOTI is the MobiControl. This allows us to be able to remotely access devices, as well as control access of these devices from anywhere within the globe.

At SuiteConnect 2020 we were able to show how as a cloud-based piece of software, we are able to integrate seamlessly with SOTI and ensure our clients have the best access to their hardware itself alongside us. Partnering with SOTI has enabled Cloud Coders to troubleshoot problems, explain problems in greater detail to clients, and generally allow our clients to have a better access and experience while using our solution. At SuiteConnect 2020, we displayed how SOTI works with our Cloud WMS product and how clients can get the best out of this key partnership of ours.

SOTI mobile solutions SuiteConnect 2020Additionally to SOTI, another key partners is Gamma Solutions. From hardware to our Cloud WMS solution, they have been a fantastic hardware supplier across Australia. Gamma Solutions also supplied a large number of hardware devices at the event, enabling visitors to see the different devices and in turn, how our Cloud WMS solution runs on them.

Our Managing Director Richard Allan also took part in a panel discussing micro-verticals and how NetSuite partners can work together to provide more complete solutions for their clients. Micro verticals, are extremely important in finding new ways to attract new business, from helping your business grow in terms of new markets and opportunities, to working collaboratively with partners and developing that business. Another important topic discussed within the Net Suite landscape, was managing and growing business in general in Australia. Having our partners from both Honeywell and SOTI at the Cloud Coders stand was a great way of also showing how collaborating with partners can work. It allowed for great conversations around how our partners fit in with our cloud WMS solution and how together through teamwork we can deliver a complete end-to-end supply chain solution. 

Another important aspect of working together with other providers throughout the industries and these specific micro verticals is the ability to bring together a complete solution for our clients. Here at Cloud Coders we pride ourselves on being champions for collaboration over the last couple of years, working closely with partners such as SOTI and Honeywell as well as other different hardware vendors such as Gamma Solutions. So it was a win to see Richard not only on the panel discussing this with the wider NetSuite community, but offer advice in terms of how these partnerships work successfully, and how they’re important to move forward for all of us as businesses.

SuiteConnect 2020 also gave opportunity to talk to lots of different people within the industry, whether they were on the Net Suite platform at the current point in time, looking to join the current platform, partners across different landscapes and different verticals, as well as, of course, customers who are on the platform and looking to engage with us in relation to warehouse management solutions and complete end to end supply chain management.

honeywell Honeywell Forge for netsuite

The event culminated with a fantastic afternoon session sampling Two Birds Brewing’s different beverages, and was a fantastic opportunity in a more relaxed environment to talk to different partners, potential clients, as well as catch with other people from within the industry itself. A special shout out to all of the people from the Net Suite team, who are extremely inviting and made the event run as smoothly as possible. It was a fantastic event.

Our continued success across Australia and New Zealand, working with both NetSuite and NetSuite solution providers, now includes a greater number of verticals. Meaning, we have the knowledge and solution understanding to help optimise your business.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Cloud Coders and how our warehouse management solution can help your business, or would like to talk to us more about supply chain and the functions that we can provide outside the four walls of your warehouse and business let’s talk.

At Cloud Coders we empower you to work smarter with nimble mobile applications for warehouse and distribution that grow with you. Contact us today to see how we can change your business operations. If you would like to hear more, watch our video below.