Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

Cloud Coders Evolution Into The Future

Cloud Warehouse Management System Evolution Into the Future

Cloud Coders Evolution Into The Future

Why Discuss Cloud Coders Evolution Into the Future of NetSuite?

Cloud Coders Evolution Into the FutureWith the world is in lock-down, this has been the perfect time to look at the history of Cloud Coders and the evolution into the future with NetSuite and mobile warehouse management solutions.  Our goal is to not only give you more information around Cloud Coders, our products and our current market activities, but an understanding of where you can take your business and warehouse management into the future.

Cloud Coders originally started as a company based around NetSuite and consulting on various different projects along the lines of implementation and custom builds around the  NetSuite platform itself. In 2005 when our Managing Director Richard Allan started with the NetSuite platform it was very different than what it was today. In 2005 there was limited functionality, customers wanted to do things that were not supported by NetSuite on the platform. As client needs became more pressing, NetSuite continued to grow and develop to meet these client needs.

Cloud Coders history timeline

Cloud Coders was born in 2011 with the focus on building applications that ran natively on the NetSuite platform. The focus then as it still is now was to help our customers, improve efficiencies and reduce issues that existed within their business. This evolution into the future started with a number of small applications around things such as the automatic transaction bundles, or documentation bundles. We developed a process that enabled these bundles to be used directly from our clients, purchase them online directly from the Cloud Coders website, install them in their accounts and run them without a large amount of setup required. Over time with continuous improvement in mind we continued to develop this process and learn more about what customers needed and how we could help them.

In 2012 we built our first NetSuite hosted integration that allowed our customers to present and manage the ecommerce part of their business, using NetSuite as the core platform. That started off working through applications via different eCommerce Platforms where we provided solutions for people on both the Magento platform and WordPress WooCommerce platform. We began researching using SuiteCommerce Advanced as a platform for our customers to be able to integrate their eCommerce activites directly into NetSuite.

 Warehouse Management System

With the success of our eCommerce integrations into NetSuite we found we were still getting a large number of requests for one piece functionality that had been continually requested since 2005, and that was to be able to complete stock counts on a mobile device. Throughout this time, we continued to get questions from our customers around, how they could better improve inventory, inventory management, stock control, and a general understanding of what was happening in their warehouse in a mobile setting. As this question continued to come up, we began the research into how it would it be best for us to solve our customers need, while delivering a solution that we knew the industry was looking for. By 2014, with increase of IoT (the internet of things) and mobile use becoming standard in daily working life, our research into different platforms to potentially integrate with between a mobile application and NetSuite began in earnest. A core element we needed was the software technology to build this on to be scalable and provide cross platform support.

Cloud WMS Evolution Into the Future

After a few years of research in 2017 we joined the Honeywell ISV (independent software vendor) program after finally deciding to work on the Mobiliser Platform. This all coincided with us being able to continue to develop efficiencies within warehouses through mobile applications. Working closely with partners such as Honeywell and NetSuite, gave us the ability to join them through a Mobiliser Application and the functionalities that exist in the warehouse itself. This expansion of deliverables to our customers ensured we could then enable 

improved inventory control, inventory management, stock control, as well as a better, trackable understanding of what was happening in their warehouse in a mobile setting.

Now in 2020, we’ve taken the approach to focus solely on the warehouse management side. The eCommerce Platform will now only be available to existing customers who are already on that platform. As we continue to support and work with them, we will no longer be offering the eCommerce Platform to new clients. Moving forward, our sole focus will be on warehouse management solutions, and to offer complete end to end solution for these customers. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Being able to deliver a solution that exists outside of the four walls of the warehouse, ensures here at Cloud Coders we can provide our clients a solution that exists across the complete supply chain. Our goal is to enhance productivity, and reduce inefficiencies across that clients complete supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders evolution into the future, the values that we have within the company and the value adds that we give to our clients, please get in contact with me. If you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company or our products, once again, please get in touch.