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Cloud Coders Implementation Process

cloud coders implementation processes

Cloud Coders Implementation Process

Our end to end implementation process

cloud coders implementation processesIn this blog, we’re going to look closer at the Cloud Coders implementation process. Our goal is to provide the solution that fits with your business and is in fact a complete end to end solution from NetSuite through to the hardware our client uses which is linked to the cloud WMS solution. Our implementation process is about ensuring a fast and efficient set-up of your new WMS, all whilst ensuring time-lines are met. Using a hands-on and inclusive approach, we work closely with our clients and their implementation partners to ensure that our implemented solution offers the most from the Cloud WMS and their NetSuite subscription.

Implementation is always a key part of any software-related project.  Our focus is always on providing a complete solution rather than simply a piece of software.  Implementation goes through several steps and ensures that not only is the software set up correctly and fits within your business, but that the team using the solution understands it, and that you have key experts within the business that can be the first point of call for troubleshooting.

We will go into more detail around training, which is a different part of our complete end to end solution and part of the course for delivering an entire project. This will be in next week’s blog, so make sure you add our website to your favourites if you’d like to learn more.

Here at Cloud Coders, we ensure the implementation is completed extremely fast and without Cloud Coders being a bottleneck in any project. We pride ourselves on making sure you have the ability to go through the implementation process hassle-free while being able to learn, as the system is rolled out within your business. This process moves through a number of steps:

  1. Configuring the solution
  2. Enhance the processes based on the system structure
  3. Functional & rigorous testing
  4. Onboarding
  5. Training
  6. Ongoing support and staff development

Configuring the solution

cloud coders implementation processesOne of the key parts of implementation is a process alignment function which is a key part of Cloud Coders’ core business values. Our aim is to deliver a software solution that makes sense within your business and also enhances your productivity, while reducing key pain points that exist within any warehouse. From there we ensure your NetSuite account and your Cloud WMS, (Warehouse Management Solution), are all functioning correctly together and are setting your business up for growth in a way that is consistently scalable.

Configuring the solution takes place during the project scope development by looking at how your business currently runs and that is done throughout the scoping part of the complete project. Whether it’s siloed or on NetSuite, we take a lot of time to understand the company backend systems, and how they function within your business. Whether these systems are going from currently using NetSuite, a paper-based solution, an Excel based solution or a different type of software altogether, this all goes into account in the configuration. 

Enhance the processes

Once we have that configuration understanding, we look at our solution and how that fits in with your business. Ensuring the configuration to help improve the business and give the most value out of  a Cloud-based Warehouse Management Solution and the current NetSuite account is key. Working closely with our customer to enhance the solution and makes their processes a lot more efficient. One of these examples is our ability to now create purchase orders directly on a device in a warehouse. This was a customer-led initiative and we worked through the planning and implementation process with the customer. This is where scalability becomes key, so the process efficiency also enables the ability to grow in the future

Feature functional & rigorous testing

The feature functional testing process is a key part of the process which ensures everything is functionally sound. We test all new processes to ensure they match the needs of your business, and there are no added changes to your NetSuite account that may impact on completing processes within a warehouse function. We then rigorously test all functions to make sure they work with your system, the functions of the warehouse, and with NetSuite. This also extends to checking that all devices are working correctly as well as making sure any additional software that Cloud Coders has been set up such as the software mobile device management platform, are all working correctly.

After this, we move on to onboarding, training, ongoing support and staff development, which will be explained in next week’s blog.

What this means is that we take a lot of time to understand the backend, and we understand how these things function within your business. Whether your processes are siloed or on NetSuite, we make sure all of this is taken into account.  It’s this amount of detail that makes such a positive difference to our clients and what sets us apart from other solutions providers.

As mentioned in our previous blog, it’s really about delivering a complete solution rather than a piece of software. This is where our process alignment really comes into play – as a key feature of our implementation and a key value add that we give to our customers. It allows us to understand if there are configurations, customisations or added development work that may be necessary BEFORE the project is underway.

If there is an exciting project that you’re looking to develop moving forward in phase two or three, setting the solution up correctly from the start gives us time to understand the project, see how it fits into the current structure, and make sure we have the ability to grow in the future. In a nutshell, it’s all about making sure you’re ready for success now, but also having the scalability and foresight to understand where your business is going and how we can improve that and make you ready for continual growth in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about how the implementation process works or how Cloud Coders could add value to your business through our process alignment, please get in touch.