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The Complete Solution More Than Just Software

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The Complete Solution More Than Just Software

More Than Just Software – The Complete Solution

Cloud Coders is well known for providing customers with a complete solution, rather than simply a piece of software.  We always look to supply our clients, customers, and partners with complete end to end solutions that include our warehouse management solution, integrated closely with partners such as Honeywell hardware or SOTI mobile device management platform. To do this we work through three different stages.

  1. SET-UP – We work with you in a collaborative way to ensure that your current processes are integrated into our Cloud WMS workflow. With our warehouse management and NetSuite expertise we are able to share with you our best practices and suggestions to help you progress faster.
  2. DEVELOP – Our experienced development team can walk with you through the design and build experience, making it easier for you in the future.
  3. REVIEW – You’ve reviewed your existing processes and now you’ve had new ideas on better ways to work. We can provide a sounding board to validate solutions.

Complete Solutions With Honeywell & SOTI

SOTI mobile solutions SuiteConnect 2020What we deliver on is a solution that completes the end to end process in the warehouse for our clients. For us, it has always been important to make sure the solution is what our clients really need. It’s easy to plug in and play a piece of software, but if the complete solution doesn’t make sense within your business, doesn’t fit your business, or doesn’t help improve your current processes within the business, then it’s simply a piece of software.

We have a robust process to ensure we deliver what the customer needs and to maximise the benefits as a result:

  • It starts from an initial phone conversation, in-person meeting, or simply an email. This part of the process is where we scope out the opportunity and understand where you currently sit within your NetSuite account i.e. whether you are new to the platform or if you’ve been on the platform for some time. We’ve worked with clients across the complete spectrum of NetSuite in terms of usability, the number of functions that exist with their NetSuite accounts, and the time in which they’ve been using the solution. This means we get a great understanding of your needs and where we can add the most value, as we continue to scope out the project and look at how the solution fits in with your business.
  • From there, we develop the solution with you using a collaborative approach. We have many examples of working closely with our customers to create a solution that fits their business and makes their processes a lot more efficient. One of these examples is our ability to now create purchase orders directly on a device in a warehouse. This was a customer-led initiative and we worked through the planning and implementation process with the customer. It has since been rolled out to many of our other customers.
  • Once we’ve gone through the process of developing the solution with you, we then go through a rigorous review process of not only what currently goes on within your business, but also to make sure that our solution fits with what you’re currently doing.
  • Finally, we continue to help improve your business by being a sounding board for you, as you continue to learn our solution, plus how it interacts with your NetSuite account.

Once again, through these continued processes and collaboration with our customers, we’re able to understand their needs and provide them with a complete solution that from NetSuite all the way through to the hardware linked to their cloud WMS solution.

If you’d like to learn more about how Cloud Coders delivers key business solutions, rather than just a piece of software, or have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company, or our products, please get in touch.