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WMS Client Software and Solutions Training


WMS Client Software and Solutions Training

Why Do Clients Need Software and Solutions Training?

software-and-solutions-trainingAt Cloud Coders, the software and solutions training of a newly implemented Warehouse Management Solution, for our client and their staff is an integral part of the implementation process. In this blog, we discuss the software training that Cloud Coders provides as part of implementation as well as how we support our clients moving forward with other means of developing and delivering training as they continue to learn how to use our solution. As technology continues to progress at an amazing rate, businesses lean on software and application integration to provide better customer service and improve organisational efficiency. As we know, software and application integration in a warehouse management situation is often only as good as the knowledge of those using it.

What is the Role of Cloud Coders?

Delivering software solutions for your business needs isn’t the only function of Cloud Coders. We pride ourselves in having customers reach out to us regarding a problem and designing  an effective and efficient resolution. For us, the creation of an end-to-end answer starts by developing a software solution. Cloud Coders cloud WMS solution is an extremely intuitive solution that gives clients the ability to start using our solution from the very start. We have had customers who have had new or temporary staff come into the business and be able to be up and running and using the solution within half an hour to go through obviously more simpler processes. 

This belief leads us to strengthen software and solutions training as the first critical key before implementation. After a thorough orientation of what measures we’re going to undertake, we’ll loop you in on how our solution works to address your concerns. In addition, how the solution’s processes affect your organizational measures are explained.

We understand that our clients are able to use this solution quickly, get it out in the hands of the staff who need the efficiency, and therefore be able to get value from the solution straightaway. This all comes down to the rigorous training process we put in place for our clients to ensure that they understand how to use our solution and how to maximize the value from that solution.

How is the Software and Solutions Training Conducted?

Training is a key part of the overall Cloud WMS solution. At Cloud Coders we want to ensure that you have a detailed understanding of your new WMS as well as how it interacts with your NetSuite account. The next step of this process is ensuring key people within your business have an understanding of the solution. We also take the time to ensure that you have a Cloud WMS expert within your company that has an elevated knowledge of the system and would be your first point of contact. At Cloud Coders we have a systematic process for delivering and training customers on our software. Through over 15 years of NetSuite experience, Cloud Coders has created a training  process that ensures a strong understanding of the new processes and an ability to train others within the company.

Since training is an integral part of the implementation of the solution, there are two major strategies of delivering it to the clientele:

  1. Train the Trainer – Particularly very effective in teaching a key employee, as this person will relay his learnings and train other employees of his newly-acquired skills.
  2. Conduct Classroom Type Instruction – An efficient method for teaching and training; this model focuses on instructing several learners at the same time.

We can offer suggestions that would best suit the business but, the decision lies on the client himself. As for the Cloud Coder’s role, we prioritise the conduct of these trainings so that our client and the clients staff have a clear understanding of the solution’s concept, how it works, and how the organisation will benefit from this.

Here at Cloud Coders, prefer to have several champions (as we would like to call them) within the organisation that have a very good understanding of the solution and can be a first port of call for smaller troubleshooting issues within the solution. This means that once again, the business has a great understanding of how the solution works and if staff are new to the solution, they’ll have somebody to come and ask questions to troubleshoot and be able to use the solution effectively after they’ve learned from these key champions.

What’s Next After The Software and Solutions Training?

As part of our continued efforts to support and guide our clientele, training isn’t a one-stop process. Although we might have given the keys, and the implementation is completed, training is always an on-going process. Training isn’t limited to the strategies mentioned above. For us, ongoing support is extremely important and this comes in many different ways. 

We also provide documentation and training videos for other staff members to learn the process. However, we are always one call away if you need further assistance from troubleshooting, training, and after-installation support. Our goal is to help our clients learn more about the solution and learn how it can continue to enhance their business processes. 

For us, the training process continues on as we can build out more functionality and continue to develop educate the people within the business on these new functions. It also allows them to continue to learn more about how they can use the NetSuite account more effectively with cloud WMS, and continue to improve warehouse processes as there is now a tangible guide as to what are the next steps within the process and what can be enhanced within the warehouse itself. 

Training is a key part of our implementation process and a key part of the delivery of the solution overall, because without having that understanding, it is once again a piece of software that could sit in your business without being used to its full potential. As part of Cloud Coder’s values we ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their cloud WMS solution, as well as the most of their NetSuite account from a warehouse perspective.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders training processes, some of the material that we share with our clients, or how we would go about the train the trainer process, or how we’ve currently adapted training to the current global environment, please get in touch.