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Cloud WMS For NetSuite Performance & Testing

Cloud WMS Performance & Testing

Cloud WMS For NetSuite Performance & Testing

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Cloud WMS is built for NetSuite Certified Native Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Solution. These NetSuite Native Solutions are designed to improve your warehouse operational efficiency by putting tasks into the hands of your workers. With any application that you install within the NetSuite ERP, it’s important that you understand how it’s going to perform, and in fact, this is always a question we are asked by our customers. So today, we’re going to share with you some of the results that we have from our performance and load testing that we carried out on our NetSuite WMS SuiteCloud platform.

Our NetSuite WMS is cloud based and has been designed to scale with your business. Meaning that no matter how it’s distributed across the globe, how many locations you have nationally, or how many orders that you do put out per day, you will know that with the Oracle NetSuite platform and Cloud NetSuite WMS, you’ll be able to meet the existing demand and any future growth.

Cloud NetSuite WMS Performance & Testing

Let’s take a look at the testing scenario that we had. We modelled a Black Friday sale where a customer had hired additional warehouse space to store the stock that was going to be picked. The new warehouse space didn’t have any network coverage … but this is not a problem for Cloud WMS for NetSuite as it runs both online and offline.

Those warehouse picks were then taken to a packing and shipping station where they were completed. So what happened when all those orders and all those picks were then connected and then sent back to NetSuite? By taking full advantage of five parallel processes within this week, we were able to complete all the orders and picks within 30 minutes.

When we improve or increase the number of processes from 5 to 10, as you would expect the processing time halves, then taking 15 minutes to complete the orders and picks. That actually gave us theoretical throughput of 3,600 transactions per hour which can then be increased further and further by adding more and more additional processing power.

You can clearly see that the platforms together work really well to provide great scalability for your business. So what else does it mean for your business apart from the ability to basically handle any demand?

Built for netsuite native suiteapp - WMS - Cloud Coders

  • It increases throughput, which means that you can have fewer workers doing particular operations and redeploy them to other areas of your business or potentially, even reduce headcount.
  • Being online and offline allows your operations to operate in any manner that suits the business needs, whether it be permanent or temporary.
  • By investing in a solution that is this scalable, then you provide security in your investment, knowing that you only have to do it once, and it will be done right.

This model enabled us to show our customers how our cloud NetSuite WMS has been designed to scale with your business. Ensuring business growth no matter where your business is distributed across the globe, the number if locations you have nationally, or the number of orders that you do put out per day, with the Oracle NetSuite platform and Cloud NetSuite WMS, you are not only able to meet the existing demand but also any future growth.

If you would like to learn more about how Cloud Coders can improve your Warehouse Management processes then please get in touch. We’d be happy to take you through the most viable solution to determine where it will benefit your business and give a great return on investment for the implementation of your warehouse management solution. Likewise any feedback or  questions that you have about our solution, feel free to get in contact for more information.