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March Charity Initiative: Endeavour Foundation

March Charity Initiative: Endeavour Foundation

March Charity Initiative: Endeavour Foundation

Our March Charity Initiative

Every month here at Cloud Coders we run a monthly charity initiative where one of our team members selects a charity they wish to support. So we are proud to announce that The Endeavour Foundation is our March Charity initiative.  The Endeavour Foundation is an independent organisation, established in 1951 with the vision to support people with intellectual disabilities and allow them to live their best lives. This started with equal access to both education and learning skills. However, nowadays, Endeavour is focusing on the ability to create dreams and help people with disabilities, pursue goals, and live out a life full of potential.

The foundation supports people with intellectual disabilities and teaches them better ways to learn, work, and interact with the communities. They also allow people with disabilities to flourish within these new environments. The Endeavour Foundation has continued to become part of the heart of local communities, offering more choices, opportunities and personalised support throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Overall, the Endeavour Foundation provides services for those who need support as well in their home and daily life. Not only learning to work but within social constructs as well as community participation, relationships and building independence.

Supporting the Endeavor Foundation Beyond Our  March Charity Initiative

The Endeavour Foundation does fantastic work in helping people with intellectual disabilities to continue to thrive and understand how they can fit into society better and learn invaluable skills, which allow them to achieve new goals and have a wider outlook, on what’s potentially possible for them thanks to their fantastic programmes.

Cloud Coders is very proud to be able to support this foundation with our March charity donation. If you’d like to learn more about the Endeavour Foundation, please visit their website.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders and our ongoing charity initiatives, please see some of our previous blogs and videos, in which we go into details, around some of the other charities that we have supported.