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Future Proof Your Business with NetSuite and Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge Platform

Future Proof Your Business with NetSuite and Honeywell Forge

How Can You Future Proof Your Business with NetSuite?

Cloud Coders specialise in helping you future proof your business using the two platforms of NetSuite and Honeywell Forge. With collaboration as a core value, we specifically look at core components for your business success and growth all while we engage with and deliver to you on these components. Our process has been developed through four main pillars:
future proofing your business

  • Knowing what hardware, software and operating systems to invest in.

  • Cloud WMS is based on providing scalability, in both organic business growth and changes in technology.

  • Delivery of Cloud WMS on two world leading cloud based platforms ensures that you benefit from all the changes in infrastructure without any of the hassles of having to manage it, or investigate what changes you may need to make.

  • Our partnership with Honeywell and their Mobility Edge platform provides the hardware guarantee for the mobile operating systems, ensuring that that hardware investment will have as long a life as possible.

Knowing The Hardware, Software & Operating Systems To Invest In

As NetSuite certified partners we did a lot of research, before deciding that the Honeywell Forge platform was in fact the best solution in the marketplace to improve business processes, with its ability to integrate with Netsuite. The Honeywell Forge platform it is not a stand-alone Siloed warehouse management solution, it becomes an integrated solution that links directly with your NetSuite account. Cloud Warehouse Management Solutions need to integrate within a business as well as the individual business processes. We don’t reinvent the wheel, which is why we ensure our customers are familiar with both the WMS and the NetSuite processes.

The Cloud WMS is here to enhance what you are already doing within your NetSuite account … but in a mobile setting. This integration then gives our clients, the robust and extremely powerful engine that is NetSuite ERP, but in a mobile setting that allows their staff to go through the processes in a task-based nature. When looking at inventory management, we then identified that speed, the ability to work on and offline, and connectivity to NetSuite were all extremely important.

Providing Scalability

Honeywell Forge platformScalability is extremely important on both sides of the equation for us, that is, the NetSuite side of things, where you have a single point of truth as NetSuite with the ability to process control inventory management and pricing and update activity within your business holistically. The second part of that equation is then the Warehouse Management Solution, using the Honeywell Forge platform. To be able to really engage in a business that is scalable and a solution that is scalable, you need both of these to work hand in hand in relation to scalability. Being cloud based applications and a cloud based ERP, allows us to ensure that scalability is always possible, whether that’s increasing the number of users that you would have on either platform, or being able to access data at different points throughout the world with different business units in multiple countries or in multiple locations, this all means that as your business grows, you have a solution that is here to grow with you.

Delivery of Cloud WMS

The second part of future proofing your business is making sure that you’re selecting the correct platform and hardware to last for the duration of your business. Working with the Honeywell Forge platform and being part of a Honeywell ISV Program has allowed great future proofing and fixes, especially as new features are constantly being developed. These developments are not just by our Cloud Coders team, but also from the Honeywell Forge community and team in general. Having the access and ability to understand the hardware with this solution is a major bonus for our clients, as we are able to provide a solution that works within the warehouse. The Honeywell hardware not only is future proofed in regards to the sunset date of the operating system but is supported three years past the sunset date of the current operating system. This ensures the hardware itself is extremely rugged and is able to provide longevity within your business.

Honeywell and their Mobility Edge platform

As part of the Honeywell ISV Program, Cloud Coders is able to facilitate our clients not only obtaining the hardware but having access to test that it is in fact is best in class when it comes to their requirements. We will cover more about the ability to future proof with Honeywell and their mobility edge platform on the next blog. Cloud Coders focus for all our clients is to  future proof their business with the NetSuite ERP solution, as well as the Honeywell Forge platform. Utilising industry leading cloud based solutions means we are always at the forefront of updates and changes within both of these platforms, and within warehouse management space in general.

Global pandemic or not, we are here to help our clients in any way possible, and we are proud to deliver on that in a time when they really needed it. Our continued development of the complete supply chain is another core element that works alongside the warehouse management solutions. Our goal is to enhance productivity and reduce inefficiencies across complete supply chains.

If you’d like to learn more about how to future proof your business and gain more success from having a business that is ready to scale and grow, please get in contact with us. Likewise, if you have any questions in relation to Cloud Coders, our company, or our products, once again, please get in touch.