Cloud Coders Warehouse Management System

A Phased Project Management Approach

Cloud coders phased project management approach

A Phased Project Management Approach

Integrating NetSuite & WMS A Phased Project Management Approach

In this blog, we discuss the phased project management approach we use, and how this allows Cloud Coders to deliver industry-leading solutions for warehouse management products across the NetSuite platform. Why do we take this approach? Using phased project management allows us to deliver solutions that are needed immediately in a project enabling functions to be up and running quickly. This ensures the client can be using our WMS immediately and begin to reap the benefits of having a cloud-based WMS in their business. 

What is a Phased Project Management Approach?

Considered as crucial for most technologically-inclined organisations, a phased project management approach allows users to learn the most critical aspects of a warehouse management solution at an early stage of project implementation and management. As explained by, a phase project management approach helps in overcoming resistance to change by building momentum before a project is fully implemented.

But, why does Cloud Coders need this particular approach? This approach is key to being able to give our clients, parts of the warehouse management solution that are immediately applied in the phase’s first step, allowing our client to reap the benefits of having cloud-based WMS in their business. To put it simply, the phased project management approach guarantees that our client is empowered to get the cloud based WMS up and run quickly. This type of approach also helps ensure that initial value of the solution starting immediately using the key core functions of the solution, while you continue to understand how it impacts your business and how it improves and enhances your current processes.

How Does the Phased Project Management Approach Improve my Operations?

Cloud coders phased project management approachIn an article published by, they stated that only 58% of organisations fully understand the value of their project management methodologies. Although around 93% of organisations in the world actually rely on these methodologies, there is a large gap in the potential they are wasting.

When it comes to operations, the Phased Project Management Approach allows the client to build on the initial project integration between NetSuite and the WMS, before gradually stepping up to phase two, three, and potentially phase four. What this means for a business is that as they continue to learn and adapt their processes, team members also simultaneously learn how to use the WMS as it fits their organisation.

Further, with our help and support, we can look at ways to enhance and improve the Warehouse Management Features in the business. Among these processes include having a signature upon delivery, taking sales orders on your device, or even something more complex such as manufacturing.

As you may have discovered, these steps can be adapted and later implemented to improve working progress. Furthermore, the phased project management aspect is crucial for ensuring your staff’s learning and training ability.

Training Staff During Integration

Trained staff are then able to train other team members in the processes based on what they have learned and implemented. The phase project management is crucial for regulating information overload that can hamper your staff’s ability to learn and utilise what they have acquired for the business. Also, the phase project management aspect ensures the initial value of the solution by letting you adapt and utilise the critical core functions immediately. All of this, while you continue to understand how the solution impacts your business and how it improves your current processes.

As we integrate between NetSuite & the cloud based WMS, it is essential that we understand the current processes in the clients business and how the new WMS solution fits into these processes. This then enables us to deliver the implementation of phase two and three as ongoing enhancements to benefit the upfront optimised processes. This approach also ensures long-term success as the lifecycle of the product continues.

Previous barriers such as costs around more complex or specific customised development for your business is then integrated with another phase further down the line of the integration, rather than upfront costs when you’re initially implementing the solution. This phase approach has allowed us to roll out solutions to many different businesses and give them the benefit of understanding and training initially. At the same time, giving them the solution that they need later on within the company, in terms of more customisable features and more detailed and more specific business requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Coders and our phased approach to implementation and the overall project, please get in contact with us. If you’d like to know more about cloud based warehouse management solutions in general, don’t hesitate to reach out.