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Establishing a Value on Website Integration with NetSuite for Product or Manufacturing Based Websites.

 Websites today have developed so dramatically, and one question we were asked recently was, "How to get value from your website when the order volume is unknown but the information on it needs to be relevant and timely? As NetSuite SuiteScript developers we looked at the question of what is the value of a website integration with NetSuite for information on products.So how do we empower our clients to take control and effectively manage their businesses? We recently completed a Website Integration With NetSuite For CKC Civil Construction Equipment. One of the core issues was how to get value from their website when their order volumes were unknown yet the information on the site needed to be relevant and timely.

Correct Aging of Debtors Is Essential For End-of-Month Trading Terms in NetSuite

NetSuite is a highly flexible ERP and CRM system, however in some cases - such as trading terms - it just isn't able to cover all bases. Australian and European customers are accustomed to end-of-month terms, with many Australian businesses demanding 30 days EOM as a matter of course. When using End of Month Trading Terms, it is important that the Due Date of an Invoice is always calculated correctly.

Making the Most of Automatic Billing with NetSuite

Let face it, we all go into Business to make money, yet one of the biggest time processes for most businesses still seem to be around Billing and collecting payments from clients. With the rapid growth of cloud computing, mobile devices and the internet, Businesses are scrambling to shift from a transaction-centric relationship with their customer to one of a relationship that needs to be built and nurtured. Additionally, companies are facing pressures to launch, build and grow recurring revenue streams as a means to stay relevant in the marketplace. Finance teams can quickly become overwhelmed with multiple revenue streams, one-off and recurring revenue, customised payment terms and project-based billing. The result is often billing errors, wasted effort, revenue recognition issues and even loss of customers.

Customising NetSuites Email Segmentation to Multiple Stakeholders

Netsuites Email SegmentationWe like to believe that Netsuite's built in email functionality is excellent, allowing you to use email templates and transactions to the main email address on the customer record. However, for a lot of businesses with different departments, this is simply not enough. What we have found is a lot of our customers require their NetSuite emails to be sent to an individual group of people Ie.: the accounts department for invoices, Shipping notifications to the Warehouse department etc.

Responsive Websites with Netsuites Payment Integration and Automatic Membership Renewals are Essential for Member Based Associations

 Responsive Websites on designing websitesIn keeping with our focus on empowering our clients to take control and manage their businesses easily and effectively, we recently completed an integration for The Master Electricians Association. As a dynamic and modern trade association, the Master Electricians Association is recognised by industry, government and the community as the electrical industry’s leading business partner and needed a responsive integration that reflected this.

5 Years of Business is an exciting milestone for Cloud Coders

 As we enter our fifth year of business, a lot has changed from the way our business runs, to the products we build to support businesses running Netsuite and JCurve. Here are just some of the milestones that we have met along the way:Cloud Coders Movilizer Integration Architecture
  • Over 200 customers using our customisations and products
  • Doubling the staff to support business needs in 2015
  • Diversification of customer base now includes small business to large corporations.
  • Increase in annual software related income to over 50% of the business

I was at the SuiteWorld Ask and Expert questions session and someone wanted to now how to find out about what permissions grant what function in Netsuite. I knew I had a spreadsheet with all the functions on it, but had a little trouble tracking it down.

We often find new options appearing in the Accounting Preferences that are not always documented in the release notes. In the 2015.1 release we found a new preference for updating the transaction dates, could this finally be an attempt from Netsuite to fix the gross profit reporting when an order is paid for in one period and fulfilled in another, which is a really common issue we get asked about in the Wholesale and Distribution space. 

Classes and Departments are two very powerful inbuilt ways to report on business activity with-in NetSuite. Over the years I have seen some very poor implementations of these, so thought it would be beneficial to go over soem of the set-up steps, and how it all hangs together.  In the example below I'll go through the set-up stages using classes as an example.

One of the things that we have been very excited about, is the addition of eWay as a payment gateway in Netsuite. What got us excited, is that they have also just released an updated plugin for Magento that works perfectly in conjunction with our Magento/Netsuite Integration. You can find more information about the new eWAY Rapid 3.1 plugin hereAnd why is that exciting?